Anchorage AK Adult Day Services Mental Health Support Access Report Released

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Adult day care service providers Turnagain Social Club (907-677-6770) have released a report about the importance of finding mental health services and support for the elderly. The report highlights the urgent need for compassionate mental healthcare and how day services can meet this need.

Turnagain Social Club, based in Anchorage AK, has released this new report about the importance of mental health support for the aging population. Research has shown that being part of a strong and supportive community is vital in the fight against depression and loneliness in the elderly.

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In the newly released blog post, Turnagain Social Club explains how understanding the importance of mental health as we age is paramount to good elderly care and explores how individuals and families can find help. Major life events, such as moving house, children and grandchildren growing up, and retirement, can all lead towards a feeling of isolation and anxiety.

Turnagain Social Club emphasizes that all these feelings can be overcome with good self-care, ensuring mental stimulation, and enjoying life. As individuals age, they should be able to continue doing activities for which they have a passion.

Attending quality adult day services can improve mental health by providing an opportunity to engage positively with other people and remain mentally stimulated by playing games and other activities. Turnagain Social Club encourages people to be positive about the natural aging process and to focus on enjoying life to the full, through activities such as therapy animals, audiobooks, quizzes, crafts, games, and sports.

Since it opened in 2016, Turnagain Social Club has provided specialist care and therapeutic services to the elderly community in their two-story, fully accessible building in Anchorage. They also offer a friendly community, respite for caregivers, and transportation to and from the facility.

The owner of Turnagain Social Club, Koreen Mateaki is a registered nurse with more than two decades of professional experience caring for the elderly. She has also worked in hospice care and assisted living homes.

Talking about the importance of mental health access Koreen states, “If we can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by about 5 years the healthcare cost savings and positive impact on the elderly are tremendous.”

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