Topeka KS Restaurant Text Message Marketing Business SMS Service Launched

Photo of author has launched their updated SMS text message marketing service in the Topeka, KS, helping local restaurants to keep their customers returning.

Online marketing company launched their updated text messaging marketing service which helps increase the return rate of customers to local restaurants and other businesses.

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With the latest announcement, the company aims to help local restaurants in the Topeka, KS, area to get customers to return more often as well as attract new diners.

Text message marketing is an effective way for restaurants to attract customers during slower days. It is a flexible marketing system where business owners can generate sales on demand. In addition, it allows businesses to monitor and analyze responses, enabling them to create more targeted campaigns and improve their marketing strategy.

Text message marketing can be used by a business in any industry, however, it is most commonly used by restaurants.

Setup is easy and the team manages the mailing list on behalf of their clients. They also offer assistance in the phrasing of promotional messages and can help with designing in-store marketing materials such as tabletop cards, flyers and banners.

To set up a text message marketing service, the business offers an initial discount on their website or through social or physical media. The customer then texts the number to claim the discount and their number gets added to the marketing list. From then on, the business owner can send out promotional texts whenever they want and everyone on the list will receive an SMS message. also offers also a social media content service to enhance the client’s visibility on Facebook and Twitter and help them reach more customers.

In addition to text message marketing, can provide press release writing and business-to-business LinkedIn marketing services.

A company representative said: “We see SMS as the marketing tool of the future. Texting is the most used data service in the world with 16 million texts sent every minute and it is only growing. Businesses of all sizes can create and carry out a successful text message marketing campaign. That is why we are here to help.”

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