COVID-19 Mental Health Impact On Children/Teenagers Therapy Report Released

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Counseling Connection, a therapist-led mental health platform connecting individuals and families with counselors and therapists, has released a report about the effect of the pandemic on the mental health of children and teenagers. The report draws attention the vital need for virtual therapy.

Counseling Connection has released a new report about supporting children, teenagers, and their families through the devastating mental health effects of COVID-19. The report discusses several pressures and stressors that could lead to adverse long-term effects on a child’s wellbeing and recommends access to virtual counseling as required.

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The new report explains how all age groups have been affected by the unprecedented conditions created by the pandemic and the significant toll on mental health. In addition to moodiness, friendship issues, and academic concerns that teenagers have always been familiar with, they are now also dealing with intensified feelings of loneliness due to quarantine, social isolation, and remote schooling.

Counseling Connection explains that stressful home environments where everyone is trying to work and study from home can change family dynamics. As parents lose their employment, food security has become an issue and with schools closed, access to free school meals is nonexistent. Facing hunger is particularly stressful for children, who are at an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Other challenges facing children and teenagers during the pandemic are an increase in anxiety and OCD, changes in social interactions, and loss of loved ones. Anxiety, depression, and stress have increased substantially among teenagers during the pandemic. Teenagers have also missed out on culturally important milestones during this period, including proms, graduation ceremonies, and sports seasons, which can lead to feelings of grief and loss.

Authored by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Nancy Cowden, the report states the myriad benefits of therapy. As children may find it difficult to express their feelings with words, play and art therapy can be particularly effective in helping develop emotionally stronger children during lockdowns. Teenagers benefit tremendously from therapy that gives them strategies for managing intense emotions.

Counseling Connection is an innovative online platform that reduces the burden of administration on independent therapists. It makes it easier to connect with potential clients and manage availability. Counseling Connection is led by President Nancy Cowden, an experienced professional therapist with more than two decades of experience.

Counseling Connection has said “According to Mental Health America, nearly 10 percent of our youth suffer severe depression. We aim to transform access to mental healthcare through a system that’s by therapists and for patients and therapists alike.”

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