Paul Haarman clarifies the views of president Joe Biden about the pullout from Afghanistan

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( — September 10, 2021) —

 Amid worldwide criticism about the US withdrawal from Afghanistan after two decades, President Joe Biden has firmly defended his stand by declaring the operation of withdrawal as extraordinary success that hails a new era in the history of the United States of America by bucking the trend of using military power to rebuild other countries. Paul Haarman narrates what he heard when the president was addressing the nation a few days after a terrorist attack at the Kabul airport that killed 13 service members amid utter chaos due to the rush of the public eager to leave the country. 

Mr. Biden defended his stand vehemently by arguing that the costs of leaving Afghanistan were lesser as compared to what it had to bear if he allowed the nation to remain in a civil war torn country that could continue for decades.  He firmly believed that the only alternative to the departure that he could envisage was an escalated war.

Time to end the war -Paul Haarman echoes the president’s voice

The US departure happened just short of 20 years since the country drove away from the Taliban from power in Afghanistan immediately after the September 9 terrorist attacks in the US in 2011.  During his speech of 26 minutes, Mr. Biden was critical of the section of Americans that preferred the nation to hang on to Afghanistan and continued with a low-cost, low-grade effort.  Reacting to the view, he said that many people were yet not aware of how demanding the nation had been on the persons in uniform that constituted only 1% of the population. Mr. Biden firmly believed that war is a war and cannot be carried out on some pre-determined scale and said that the time had come to an end the war.

Credit for US military and diplomats

The president, while justifying his handling of the closing weeks of the war, was all praise for the US military and its diplomats and thanked them for evacuating more than 120,000  Americans along with Afghan allies in the face of the terrorist threats by ISIS-K, a subset of the Islamic State and the Taliban takeover, confirms  Paul Haarman. At the same time, the president expressed deep remorse for the lives lost in the terrorist attack at the Kabul airport but dismissed the possibility of making the withdrawal more orderly, as people in many quarters believed. While respecting the views, he strongly disagreed with them, and his body language amply demonstrated his righteous indignation about those outside the administration as well as the critics on Capitol Hill.

Mr. Biden could feel the pulse of the majority of the Americans who extended their support to end the war that gave him the conviction of withdrawing the troops, which he believed was the only option by considering the ground realities from the time he took charge of the country.

He was quick to point out that blame should rest on his predecessor, Donald Trump, who signed an accord with the Taliban last year that promised about the US withdrawal from  Afghanistan.


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