New Phonak Audeo Life Waterproof And Rechargeable Hearing Aid Australian Launch

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As medical technology continues to advance for the audio-impaired, EarDeals of Brisbane, QLD, announces the release of a new waterproof, rechargeable hearing aid. Call 1300-010-064 to speak to an expert today.

EarDeals an Australian Hearing Aid Broker has launched the Phonak Audeo Life – a sweatproof unit designed to make physical activity such as athletics or tennis a stress-free experience for those with audiological issues.

More details can be found here EarDeals Phonak Audeo Life

The company’s latest release is part of its brokerage services for the hard of the hearing. The EarDeals website contains an expertly curated range of devices, fully researched and rated to give readers a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge hearing aid technology.

According to the World Health Organization, over 430 million people require some form of rehabilitation for hearing issues. This equates to around 5% of the global population. By 2050 these figures are projected to increase to over 700 million and until now hearing aid wearers needed to remove their hearing device during watersports and high-intensity sporting activities.

The Phonak Audeo Life is the world’s first waterproof and rechargeable hearing aid that also offers 100% shower and sweat-proof functionality. A special Parylene coating increases durability and seals the device, providing long-lasting protection against liquid and moisture ingress.

A new Phonak charger case is included. This utilizes induction charging technology, eliminating battery contacts that can compromise the maintenance of moisture-free internal components. The case is user-friendly, charging devices in much the same way as modern headphone earbuds. Magnetic strips keep the lid shut and the unit in place while charging.

The hearing aid offers crisp, high-fidelity sound even in noisy environments. Using the renowned Paradise technology platform, the Phonak Audeo Life also offers universal Bluetooth connectivity and voice assistant features accessed via tap control.

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About EarDeals

The company runs an accredited network of hearing aid centres across Australia, providing expert advice on all hearing technology issues. EarDeals operates independently of any manufacturers, ensuring customers can find a device that best suits their needs and their budget.

A spokesperson says, “We have been supporting Australians with affordable hearing aid prices and high-quality audiology since 2015. Our brokers are specialist hearing aid consultants. Their mission is to support you on your journey to better hearing.”

With the release of the Phonak Audeo Life, EarDeals continues to put affordable technology into the hands of the hearing impaired.

For an exclusive opportunity to trial the Phonak Audeo Life please visit EarDeals 30 Day Trial to put your name down.