Social Media Presence Strategies – Small Business Marketing Expert Report Launch

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Author, content marketer and search engine expert Scott Hall has released a report on The report identifies the key reasons why small businesses and entrepreneurs should prioritize a presence on social media and lays the foundations for building an effective strategy.

With over 20 years of experience, Scott Hall is an authority on sustainable digital marketing strategies that produce growth and profit. His latest report at, titled “Is A Social Media Presence Needed for Small Businesses?”, helps business owners and entrepreneurs navigate one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools available to today’s marketers.

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Building a definitive social media presence is an effective way of inspiring trust and goodwill among audiences. With the release of his recent report, Scott Hall identifies the role social media plays in overall marketing communications strategies and points out key considerations and decisions small business owners must address to achieve multi-platform success and facilitate favorable direct marketing outcomes.

To be effective, social media marketing strategies should be rooted in goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant (also known as SMART goals). It is also vital that posts are tailored to what people want and expect from a brand. By identifying audiences and understanding their likes and dislikes, marketers can create content that target audiences will appreciate and will reward with engagement and investment.

A unique benefit social media offers to any brand is the possibility for business owners to interact directly with their target audiences. This is an opportunity Hall says should not be squandered.

A strong and vibrant social media presence that encourages engagement and prioritizes timely responses to comments and questions helps business owners establish themselves as authorities within their segment.

To maintain this momentum and help business owners exercise best practices, Hall advises against buying followers as a way of boosting numbers. Since social media marketing is a vehicle that is driven by metrics, a disingenuous audience will lead to inaccurate data and overall account indifference, ultimately wasting resources.

Instead, business owners are encouraged to experiment by posting useful, brand-aligned content at a consistent pace that is neither sparse nor overwhelming. These organic posts will result in long-term social media success.

With the release of his report, digital marketing expert Scott Hall is helping small business owners lay the foundations for a cost-effective social media presence that creates community and supports direct marketing activities to achieve growth and secure market share.

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