T J Hopkins Launches No Fee Payment Processing System For Small Business Owners

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Experienced entrepreneur T. J. Hopkins, based in Clarksburg, MD, has launched a new payment processing system that prevents merchants from paying an interchange fee. No Fee To Me is a partner of Your Card Cash, which uses Paylo technology to help business owners save money.

No Fee To Me was launched to help small independent business owners achieve growth. It does this by reducing the costs businesses have to pay each time they process a payment, also known as an interchange fee.

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The new system uses advanced technology to help business owners reduce their costs. The collaborators behind the product understand how challenging the market is for new and existing business owners as they compete with large global retailers with unprecedented buying power.

T. J. Hopkins understands the issues merchants face because of the existing interchange fee rate. In addition, the fact the rate will rise means business owners will face higher charges in the future, unless they can find and implement innovative alternatives, such as the new No Fee To Me system.

When No Fee To Me is implemented, business owners have a choice each time they accept a payment. They can either pay the interchange fee out of their profits, or they can pass it on to the consumer.

The latter choice can help to reduce the everyday running costs of a business, increase its profitability, and make sure it achieves long-term sustainable growth. Global lockdowns and increased online retail competition have forced company owners to rethink their approach to business and the future of their operations.

No Fee To Me can process payments from debit and credit cards, whether in-store, online, or through apps. It is available across all 50 US states and offers transparency, as there are no hidden costs.

It is compatible with both terminal and Point of Sale (POS) systems, which makes it ideal for retailers with online and physical stores. Full details of the application process for potential clients are available via the website provided.

A company spokesperson said: “With our business model, companies will receive bonuses that do not exist on many small business platforms. The network of companies we represent create community awareness about clients and their products through community outreach, donations, and events.”

To find out more or sign up today, interested parties are encouraged to visit this link https://nofeetome.com