El Segundo Creative Rebranding – Digital Campaigns/Content Marketing Launched

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LO:LA, a marketing company based in El Segundo, CA, has launched 360-degree marketing creative services to help organizations bring their brands to life, tell their stories, and reach their target customers.

LO:LA understands that every organization has a unique vision and goals. Their new and expanding suite of marketing tools can help align a company’s messaging, and platform choices to their visions and goals.

More information can be found at https://www.thelolaagency.com/work

No matter a company’s product or service, they must reach a target audience to be successful. This creative team can now match the company with the audience using these fresh digital services that CEOs and owners might not even realize they need.

Digital marketing is no longer a frill or an innovation. It is the integral face of a business to its customers. It has many benefits that traditional print marketing lacks. It reaches people online where most consumers spend some time each day.

Complete rebranding and all facets of content marketing, multi-level campaigns, and refreshing website and other digital platforms are part of LO:LA’s capabilities. They want to help companies tell their stories and bring meaning to their products and services that differentiate them.

Here is more about the Power of Meaning: https://www.thelolaagency.com/2021/09/08/the-power-of-meaning

Marketing online through videos, social media, banner ads, and more levels the playing field for small businesses. The marketing can be personalized and more targeted, it is easy to scale and adapt, and it aligns with how people shop today.

When companies allow their customers to engage with them through social media and other avenues it lets them feel more invested in the company. LO:LA will help companies create comprehensive multi-modal strategies to achieve this.

They understand that creating a marketing package requires a conversation where several pivots might be necessary. They will have that ongoing dialogue to be sure they are fully understanding a company’s goals.

They can also create brands for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs. Branding is crucial to success, and it can help businesses define their vision and share their value with customers. They offer a complimentary brand audit to assist in this process.

LO:LA is a California company with a whole world outlook. They merge cosmopolitan London roots with vibrant Los Angeles diversity and have the major agency credentials to tackle any branding or marketing job.

Go to https://www.thelolaagency.com/2021/03/02/creativity-matters to learn more about how important the right creative team is.