How to Decide What Type of Mattress You Need

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( — September 12, 2021) –What type of mattress is right for you? A new pillow top or memory foam, a plush adjustable air bed, a high-end innerspring with targeted support, or a combination-style bed that gives you options? It can be confusing trying to sort through all the choices out there today. So to make this task easier for you, we’ll go over some simple guidelines about properly choosing what type of mattress to get.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

First, consider your sleeping position. Do you sleep on your side? Back? Stomach? Side-sleepers usually do best with slightly softer mattresses, while back-sleepers feel better supported by firmer ones. If you are mainly a side sleeper, it would be very beneficial to invest in a good-quality memory foam mattress topper.

If you are a back sleeper, on the other hand, your best choice is to invest in a high-end adjustable air mattress.

If you sleep on your stomach, you would be better suited with an extremely firm bed made of dense foam or innerspring construction. If the idea of sleeping on your stomach is just unbearable for you, try changing it up some nights and see if that helps since many people who do this report better sleep.

What Is Your Budget

Second, it is important to be aware of your budget and what you can afford. You probably don’t want to go over a certain amount because then the bed won’t be as good for you as it could have been if you had spent less money on it initially. In this case, getting a good quality innerspring would do the job just fine since they are often cheaper than other types of mattresses.

A great way to save money when buying an innerspring mattress is by opting for one that offers multiple firmness settings so that more than one person can sleep comfortably on it without having to buy another expensive mattress for another room down the road.

Get the Right Size

Finally, keep in mind how big your bedroom is. If you have a big bedroom, a king-size mattress will give you plenty of room to sleep comfortably without feeling cramped at all, even if your significant other is sleeping right next to you.

If, however, the bedroom is not too large, then a queen may be more appropriate since it takes up less space and would still give two individuals enough room if they’re sleeping beside each other.

Settle For Nothing Less Than The Best

You also will want to consider how picky you are about having new beds all the time, though. A new pillow top may satisfy most people but if quality means everything to you, get yourself an innerspring bed constructed of only the finest materials. Then, you can rest on this for years without getting too tired of it.

If you are unsure about what type of mattress to get, all you have to do is cover up your eyes and feel them with your hand. For example, a plush pillow-top will have a very thick construction, so the edges may seem slightly raised. On the other hand, memory foam would be much thinner, so if you were feeling around for lumps or seams, it would be harder to find them.

Another area where most people don’t think about when they buy their new mattress is the flooring underneath it. Even though it may seem like one surface, this can make quite an impact on how well your bed feels; whether it’s carpeting or hardwood floors, choose what type of surface would best suit your needs and comfort levels.

Once you decide on the type of mattress that is right for you, invest in a few new pillows and linens to give your sleeping area some sprucing up. This will make the whole place more pleasing to look at while also helping you feel better rested when ready to start another day!