US Light Aviation Insurance Coverage Providers – Private Pilots Guide Launched

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BWI Aviation Insurance has updated its light aircraft insurance guide to help owners and private pilots find up-to-date information. The guide reflects the challenges currently being faced by those working within the aviation industry.

Due to the ongoing health crisis and economic challenges being faced on a global scale, aviation insurance rates have been steadily rising over the past 18 months. According to the latest resource, this trend is likely to continue for some time in line with the ongoing industry uncertainty.

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As explained in the new guide, a combination of factors has led to challenges across the aviation industry. This includes the fact that there is reduced capacity on flights, a global shortage of components means the costs for aircraft repairs are rising, and some providers have stopped supplying light aircraft coverage completely.

In addition, some insurers are increasing the maximum amount they will award for liability. In positive news, several companies have been added to the updated list because they have consistently provided fair quotes and reliable coverage. While the industry is in turmoil, stability is an increasingly attractive trait.

Well-known providers included on the list are Aerospace Insurance Managers, AIG, AXA XI, Global Aerospace, Great American, London Aviation, Old Republic, Starr Aviation Insurance, USSIC Aviation, and USAIG. All the companies are well established and trusted within the aviation industry.

The company that has been operating for the shortest amount of time was established almost 20 years ago. Many of those featured also provide specialist policies for related sectors, including the aerospace market, helicopter pilots, and drone operators.

Many of the highest-rated companies hold a membership with the Aviation Insurance Association. This gives pilots and aircraft owners peace of mind that their provider is committed to operating in accordance with the highest standards.

BWI Aviation Insurance provides quotes tailored to the needs of its clients, regardless of their budget or coverage requirements. Aside from light aircraft policy quotes, the experienced team can assist with commercial aviation, private jet, and general aviation insurance.

A company spokesperson said: “Over our 42-year history, BWI has built longstanding relationships with all the aviation insurance companies featured on our list. We work hand in hand with these companies and leverage our experience to find the best market for your particular airplane insurance risk.”

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