Cedar Park TX Property Management – Rental Applicants Screening Service Launched

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Monte Davis Property Management Service (+1-512-894-8229) announces new updates to their services, offering comprehensive tenant screening and property inspections on behalf of landlords in Cedar Park, Texas. The property managers provide a suite of bespoke solutions that help rental owners maximize their return on investment.

While the company strives to achieve a 100% occupancy for properties under management, the latest update allows them to perform extensive background checks on applicants to identify and rent to quality tenants.

More details are available at https://www.montedavispm.com/tenant-screening

Their updated rental applicant screening process includes a 12-point framework that covers not just credit score checks but allows for a detailed, 360-degree view of the renter. The Cedar Park property managers pride themselves on the effectiveness of their approach, as evidenced by the 95.5% of tenants that pay rent promptly each month.

Using the 12-point screening system, the company can verify candidates’ income information, public records, employment status, and criminal records.

The rigorous screening process also allows them to check whether the applicant is on the sex offender list, has any history of bankruptcy or eviction against them.

Combined, these details enable the property manager to gain a complete understanding of the rental applicant—and whether they are a good fit for their client’s property.

Besides screening rental candidates, the company offers full-service property management solutions. They can handle all aspects of the renting process, from move-ins, maintenance, rent collections, inspections, and evictions, to marketing and maintaining solid relationships with vendors and contractors.

Interested parties are encouraged to complete the form on the website above to schedule a complimentary property consultation with their knowledgeable staff members.

By working with the team at Monte Property Management Services, landlords stand to benefit in several ways. For example, outsourcing their rental property management and its associated hassles frees them to focus on higher-value tasks, such as finding more properties.

Furthermore, the team of experienced property managers prioritizes customer experience and strives to provide responsive, two-way communication with each client using their advanced reporting system.

With this announcement, the company reaffirms its commitment to providing professional management solutions that enhance the value of clients’ properties and ensures a positive experience for landlords and tenants.

A satisfied landlord said: “I highly recommend Monte Davis Property Management. Monte and his staff go above and beyond managing our duplexes as if they were their own. They are dependable and work hard to keep our units occupied with quality renters.”

For more information, visit https://www.montedavispm.com