Great Infrastructure for the Development of Industrial Property Guanajuato

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( — September 14, 2021) — The interrelating transport structure which links the industrial areas of the state and people centers is a major strength of Guanajuato. The place is considered to be in the topmost states with regards to its infrastructure. Also, the investment processes executed to date help to enhance further growth and expansions.

Unlike the other Mexican states, Guanajuato is distinct in its population and industrial centers spread in different cities rather than sighted in one urban hub. In comparison to the other states, the population here is more evenly dispersed.

Wide network

In 2020, the population of Guanajuato was 6million which is likely to rise in the coming years. The population isn’t concentrated but widespread. And, due to this, the state government has built a great road network that links the major cities. It doesn’t just offer the advantage of connectivity without congestion but also creates a solid network of export routes connecting Mexico to other parts and the United States.

Out of town

The state has over 2750km of state motorways and over 1200km of federal motorways. Being sited in Central Mexico, the state offers amazing crossroads for the country’s trade. 

Another pro is the state’s closeness to Mexico’s major centers. Guanajuato is surrounded by the most urban economies of Mexico Monterrey, Queretaro, and Guadalajara. Hence, the state enjoys the benefits of being located in the center. 


Guanajuato has invested in several infrastructure projects in the past few years. The government has laid industrial property in Guanajuato designed to strengthen the manufacturing of the place. Guanajuato has a lot of investments in its structure and industrial property. 

It has a railroad, airport, motorway, university, customs office, industrial parks to its name and boasts of factories for Toyota and Mazda. The place will continue to expand and establish new businesses and manufacturing units of established brands over the next decade.

Real estate growth

Guanajuato has noticed an immense boom in the agri-business and automotive sector which eventually led to a rise in the real estate sector. ADI ranked Queretaro and Guanajuato as the most appealing states for property investment. Guanajuato stands in the third position for the most expensive sale prices of houses.

With automotive factories and other industries opening and expanding their facilities, cities have seen a rise in investment and the trend continues to grow. With major cities expanding, the development of housing and factories will continue to bring in more investment.

Down the road

With an appealing infrastructure-based, Guanajuato has several plans for future development. With infrastructure investments showing a rise in roadways, housing, and industrial properties, the state government is taking serious steps for the well-being of the place. The government aims to improve public transportation and connectivity by 2040. Roadways and railways will see major expansion to additional towns and industrial corridors. This will improve transport services and boost progress.

With so much development in Guanajuato, the industrial property will witness a major surge. With more and more companies looking forward to setting up their facility here, investing in industrial property Guanajuato is a great idea.