How to Turn Pictures Into QR Codes and Modernize Your Means of Sharing Images With Friends

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( — September 14, 2021) — In an era where snapping photos and instantly viewing the photos right through the camera device can be instantly achieved with just a single tap of the shutter icon, the way images are collected fastens. 

And as people save them, their excitement in sharing them with their friends escalates with several image-sharing options that they can integrate. 

And as these options are varied, people look for a better way to share them without encountering any other image-sharing issues. 

Because of that, many tech-savvy individuals are now looking into the use of QR codes to embed and share these images and expand their image sharing means in print and digital means. 

How to turn a picture into a QR code? 

There are two simple ways on how you can convert an image into a QR code, by simply copying the link of the image or by uploading the file into the QR code generator. 

Once you have chosen the category of the QR code you want to embed your picture with, you can continue following these QR code generation steps and convert your picture into a QR code. 

1. Open an online free QR code generator with logo website and create a QR code account

2. Select the category of the image you want to convert (URL for an image link and Image for a picture file). 

3. Select the Generate Dynamic QR code icon and generate your QR code

4. Redesign your image QR code’s design

5. Run a scan test and download your image QR code. 

How to share your Image QR code? 

Now that you have created an image QR code, you can then proceed in sharing them by integrating the following innovative QR code sharing means. 

Place them in your small print paper like invitations

As small print paper like invitations and thank you cards only comprises small spaces that you need to fill up and integrate, the chances of making room for attaching a photo lessens. 

Since a print paper with no visual touches tends to end up in trash bins, adding a technological touch is one way for you to spice up your print paper outputs. 

Attach them in your email

You can integrate the use of emails to share your image QR code and let the receiver scan it to view the image. Through this, you can skip uploading files that exceed the emailing file limit and upload them on cloud storage, and save time in opening more tabs in its browser to view the images. 

Share them through online messaging platforms

As most images today are becoming clearer and highly defined thanks to the modernization of smartphone cameras, the storage limit online messaging platforms instill can sometimes compromise the image quality when being sent through these platforms. 

Because of the issues they encounter, the use of an image QR code in sharing high definition images becomes the perfect means image sharers can integrate when sharing the latest snap of their day using these messaging platforms. 

Insert in video clippings 

In addition to sharing your image QR code to online messaging platforms, you can also incorporate the use of video clippings to share them. 

In this way, you can intuitively hook your receivers with a scavenger hunt-like video and let them pause to find the right frame where the QR code is displayed and scan them. 


Since more people are well-versed in scanning QR codes, the possibilities and different uses of it are limitless. Because of the promising technological innovations, it can give to people, sharing images through QR codes is now possible. 

By simply selecting an advanced QR code generator to convert your pictures into a QR code, you can upgrade your means in sharing your pictures and let people view them by scanning one right through their phones.