Automated Price Fluctuation Trading For Cryptocurrency – Training Course Update

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As volatility in the financial markets continues to worry financiers across the globe, a cryptocurrency trading expert announces an updated training program for prospective investors in the digital currency sector.

Saks Design has announced that Dan Hollings, a leading crypto marketing expert, has launched ‘The Plan’ – a detailed, software-enabled guide to understanding patterns and anticipating trends in virtual stocks.

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The Plan offers beginners and more experienced traders alike an accessible program of crypto education, providing a strategy to help them maximize the value of their investment choices.

With influential entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk buying large stocks of Bitcoin within the last year, cryptocurrency is firmly back in the public eye. Despite his concerns regarding renewable energy consumption used during bitcoin mining, recent statements suggest that the electric car company will begin accepting the digital currency as payment once again. This has sent the price of bitcoin on a rapid upward trajectory in recent months.

Owing to a lack of central control or regulation by a governing body, cryptocurrency markets are especially vulnerable to fluctuations due to fewer investors and speculative coin prices. Dan Hollings offers students a way to harness this volatility to increase their investment returns.

The Plan discusses the benefits of grid trading – a technique that has been a mainstay of financial markets for many years. By conducting multiple microtransactions throughout the day based on minor fluctuations in prices, investors can see a consistent increase in revenue.

Students of The Plan with Dan Hollings can benefit from innovatively designed trading bots – coded to track and execute these micro deals. The software offers fully automated performance, eliminating the need for constant price monitoring throughout the day.

About Dan Hollings

In addition to being a successful cryptocurrency investor, Dan Hollings is also a marketing expert and the marketing genius behind the success of ‘The Secret’ – a phenomenally successful self-help book from the early 2000s.

A satisfied subscriber says, “After one week of Dan’s training, I started in demo mode with the software that all The Plan members are using. Dan recommended switching to real currency only after 7 days of testing. I’m glad I waited. For me, the strategies are crystal clear.”

With the latest program updates to The Plan, Dan Hollings and Saks Design continue to make expert cryptocurrency education and trading tools accessible for investors everywhere.

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