Costa del Sol Andalusia Virus Vaccination Pandemic Restrictions Report Released

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Living on the Costa, an English-language website delivering news from the Costa del Sol, releases a report updating readers on the current rules and official situation regarding the pandemic.

With the publication of the new report “The Costa del Sol goes down to level 2”, Living on the Costa provides up-to-date information on vaccination coverage, social restrictions and other matters relating to the ongoing epidemiological situation in the Costa del Sol and Andalusia.

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In the new report, up-to-date requirements for social preventative measures are listed, with specific reference to catering establishments, nursing homes for the elderly, and health and social health centres. For instance, the report notes the increase from 4 to 6 diners permitted at tables inside catering establishments.

The emergence of the global pandemic has left many reeling from the loss of work, social contact and even optimism for the future. Misinformation related to the virus is perpetually spread and further exacerbates the fear and sadness so many are feeling. Frustrations may become particularly acute if people are not fully informed about the specific situation in their locality, and thus make honest mistakes that can result in unreasonable fines.

Living on the Costa presents reliable hyper-local information about the present pandemic situation in Andalusia in clear, considered language that highlights exactly what has and has not changed. Though many restrictions have changed due to a general extension of existing measures, the precise exceptions to this are explained in detail. Additionally, all relevant authorities are cited so as to give credit and confidence to the claims of the report.

About the Website

Living on the Costa is an English-language website by Marbella-based real estate firm Andalucia Realty, releasing reports and articles related to life on Spain’s Costa del Sol. It covers a variety of themes and showcases local attractions, drive-in cinema offerings, upcoming events, Andalusian sports results, and council activity. Several locations in the Costa del Sol – Marbella, Manilva, Casares and Benahavis – are given subcategories on the website for local news.

Despite the largely-retained measures, the article gives cause for optimism, quoting the Committee of Experts as stating: “The trend of the pandemic seems to be descending and we are hopeful for the future.”

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