Forrest Hill MD Reiki Energy Healing – Meditation/Stress Relief Service Launched

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Energy Connect (443-987-6633), a Forrest Hill, Maryland-based traditional healing center, has launched an expanded range of services for those in surrounding areas of Bel Air or further afield.

Focusing on Reiki energy healing, guided meditation, and a number of other modalities, the center’s master healer Juan d’Argent now offers remote healing sessions as in person sessions are not offered due to COVID 19.

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As an increasing number of People realize the benefits of complementary and alternative medicines, Energy Connect’s latest announcement will allow more clients to have access to these ancient holistic practices.

The use of both Energy Healing and meditation as therapeutic practices can be traced back over hundreds or thousands of years. The former focuses on a person’s life force, or qi, which is used by practitioners to promote both emotional and physical healing. Having many iterations, meditation is also used to promote spiritual and physical wellbeing. Multiple studies have demonstrated positive outcomes in areas of mental health such as depression and/or anxiety.

Applying many of these techniques, Energy Connect states that its updated services can help to rebalance a client’s system, promoting inner harmony and rejuvenation. All healing sessions are designed to reconnect the person with their subtle energy, and inner guidance.

Safe for people of all ages, Reiki healing can be used as a form of stress reduction and relaxation. The practice traditionally involves the placement of a practitioner’s hands on or near a person’s body in order to direct the flow of energy. However, the center indicates that sessions are equally effective when conducted remotely, making it accessible to people anywhere.

Similarly, guided meditation is another modality that clients further afield are now able to access. While many who are new to meditation have some difficulty detaching themselves from everyday life, guided practices can provide an easier path of discovery into the state of calmness and relaxation that is possible. For those who are using the service remotely, each session is recorded so that clients are able to repeat the experience in their own time.

One current client stated: “Juan is very talented. His distant energy healing session with me was exactly what I needed. He devoted a lot of energy and time to me, including during my session and follow up text messages and phone calls. I would highly recommend his healing balancing energy work to anyone.”

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