Boulder CO Digital Neuromarketing Strategy – Consumer Engagement Service Launch

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Boulder, CO – Neural Experience (720-449-4125) launches its distinctive brand engagement strategy that uses neurobiology to create a personalized user experience for faster conversions.

Called the NX Analysis, the service combines the best practices in product development, marketing, and consumer psychology to drive more brand engagement and sales for companies in Boulder, Colorado. Unlike other brand strategies, Neural Experience builds its campaigns around neuroscience to trigger an emotional response in customers.

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The newly launched strategy addresses the need in the market for more meaningful digital media campaigns. The company says that effective marketing campaigns must evoke a positive emotion in potential buyers so that they feel compelled to purchase a product or service.

The goal is to make customers feel as if that product will improve their lives, especially on an emotional level. Neural Experience does this by using the latest research in neurobiology to create a positive memory in the minds of potential buyers. This is a highly targeted approach to marketing and one that is made for the digital age.

Each campaign is crafted on two touchpoints: evaluation and analysis. Neural Experience helps clients first understand how their brand is perceived by the public. This allows the company to design media products that are strategically positioned to biologically impact the target audience and engineer better consumer engagement.

Then, and at regular intervals, clients will receive UX analyses to determine how the campaign is working. The company uses this data to ensure that brands are consistently stimulating the subconscious and driving emotions.

The launch of NX Analysis signifies the start of a more human-level digital marketing service that optimizes brands across the country and around the world. Neural Experience says that its latest brand engagement strategy can be used by all businesses, regardless of size or industry.

Clients can schedule a complimentary consultation call with the company to learn how NX Analysis can work for them.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We create a more meaningful experience that better connects your customer to your brand, not just to drive your immediate revenue, but to open the pathways of communicating the meaning, values, and purpose of your brand.”

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