US Clinic Management Software – Patient Appointment Reminder System Launched

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Practice management system provider Power Diary has updated its offerings for U.S. health professionals, giving them a more affordable option if they decide to subscribe to the service.

Practice management software company Power Diary has updated its offerings by giving U.S. health practitioners a less capital-intensive way of trying out its service. Those who will sign up for a trial in July 2021 will only need to pay half in the first six months should they decide to subscribe.

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The new update aims to make an already affordable clinic management system even more accessible to health professionals and their staff. It brings down the subscription cost to as little as $5 weekly for one practitioner and $8 per week for two to three users.

Power Diary offers users a comprehensive list of features that enables them to streamline their daily processes in the clinic. Reducing repetitive administrative tasks can help physicians improve the quality of care, which is essential in achieving better health outcomes.

Chief among the software’s offerings is its appointment management feature that is capable of automatic reminders via SMS and email. It also does away with manual updating, as it automatically updates one’s schedule when a patient confirms or cancels.

Moreover, this feature enables users to manage multiple calendars on one screen, making it ideal for clinic administrators who are handling the appointments of multiple doctors.

One of the latest additions to Power Diary is telehealth, which allows patients and physicians to communicate via video calls. This service differs in that it is encrypted end to end, meaning that there is no way for an external party to listen in on a call.

The software is also useful for storing patient details, as well as managing outstanding accounts through its invoicing feature.

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Power Diary is currently employed by over 26,000 health practitioners, including physiotherapists, psychologists, chiropractors, speech-language pathologists, podiatrists, and more.

It is highly rated on review platform Capterra, with many remarking on its intuitiveness and customer service. “What I like the most about PD apart from their excellent practicality is their willingness to listen and strive to improve to meet the customers’ needs,” said one long-time user.

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