Employee Feedback/Staff Survey Platform – Workplace Data Gathering Tool Launched

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People data gathering platform, Olumo, has launched updates to their services online. The tool focuses on targeted surveys for use by HR professionals in making cultural workplace improvements.

Olumo, a data-gathering tool for employee feedback, has launched updates to its services online. The company specializes in collecting responses from team members and converting them into actionable data.

More details can be found at https://www.olumo.com

The newly updated services offer HR professionals a unique approach to measuring employee engagement, office culture, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Gathering data from employees can provide insights into the workplace experience from the moment they are hired. The data can be used to pinpoint areas that are suitable for expansion or ready for improvement, which in turn can enhance performance and engagement from staff.

People data gathered by Olumo can help businesses and HR professionals to find ways to increase employee retention, improving the hiring process to make smarter, more effective decisions that improve productivity and profit margins.

The platform has been designed to ask the right questions to get the data required to truly improve workplace culture. Olumo determines the problems to be solved and the most relevant data to collect by taking into account a business client’s goals. From this, the program develops a survey of targeted questions, the answers to which provide real actionable data.

Once data is collected within Olumo’s platform, businesses can begin to implement changes. The inevitable result of employees seeing the changes made following their feedback is a higher level of engagement with future surveys, better, more focused feedback, and most importantly, increased trust. With more data, Olumo can then provide a playbook on how HR professionals can make improvements.

With the latest announcement, Olumo continues to invest in providing a platform that hybridizes soft skills with hard facts to provide authentic people data and suggestions for the overall improvement of organizations.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Nothing builds trust between you and your employees better than using their suggestions to improve the way you run your business. The more employees see that their feedback makes a difference, the more trust they will have in you as an employer.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.olumo.com