Moncton NB Brazilian Latino Food – Caribbean/African Grocery Store Launched

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Moncton, New Brunswick is a multi-cultural city with growing demand for ethnic food options. One store that offers groceries from Africa and South America has just opened.

Kilimanjaro is styled as a convenience store offering basics from meat, vegetables, grains, and more, from around the world. The newly opened store also offers specialty cosmetics and clothing.

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This latest announcement will help clients from Moncton and the surrounding cities of Riverview and Dieppe find ethnic groceries and other cultural goods at reasonable prices.

The owners of Kilimanjaro founded the shop after noticing a lack of African, Caribbean, and Hispanic food options in Moncton. The store aims to provide people of African, Caribbean, and Hispanic heritage with high-quality foods to feel at home and give the wider Moncton community a taste of the excellent cuisine these cultures offer.

Kilimanjaro carries a wide assortment of products, including specially imported fish, condiments and spices, snacks, cooking oils, and canned foods, among several other items. The store prides itself on its selection of authentic options for clients across Atlantic Canada.

Besides food, the store also offers traditional clothing and art pieces from Africa. Clients can also find high-quality cosmetics, such as shea butter and alata soap.

Shoppers can choose to buy online with the store’s fast delivery options for those ordering within a 10 km radius of the shop. The store’s user-friendly website provides clients with a secure shopping experience.

Kilimanjaro also organizes demo stands throughout the city, so Moncton residents can try samples of their foods. The store’s demo stands offer convenient sampling, complete with napkins, toothpicks, and trash receptacles.

With this latest announcement, Kilimanjaro signals its commitment to providing clients in Greater Moncton and Atlantic Canada with quality African, Hispanic and Caribbean products. The store has already developed a strong reputation for its selection of products and high level of client care.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We built Kilimanjaro from the ground up to give you a safer and more dependable way to get African groceries anywhere in the greater Moncton even online, from shopping to shipping to dropping at your doorstep, our team will be here for you every step of the way-promising secure shopping, fast shipping, and no hidden fees.”

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