Hatfield PA Digital Marketing/Web Design – SEO Versus PPC Report Launched

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The effectiveness of traditional SEO is compared with pay-per-click advertising in a new report from Lansdale, Pennsylvania-based digital marketing experts at Fulcrum Concepts, LLC (267-217-3852).

Lansdale, Pennsylvania-based web-design and digital marketing agency Fulcrum Concepts, LLC has launched a new report explaining why SEO is such an important consideration.

More details can be found at https://www.fulcrumconcepts.com/seo-foundation-of-digital-marketing-agency

As an increasing number of businesses consider the viability of paid advertising, the recently released report discusses the benefits that traditional SEO approaches still have in the digital marketing space.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of adapting a business’ online footprint to provide it with the most favorable results when someone is searching for related goods or services. Results shown that are not paid-for ads are known as ‘organic’.

Having extensive experience in local SEO and Google My Business improvement projects for small and medium-sized companies, Fulcrum Concepts draws on in-house knowledge to compare the advantages of organic search results against pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

As the author explains, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective form of marketing. However, the report also asserts that the amount of traffic generated through this approach is generally smaller.

As the name suggests, those who utilize PPC advertising through Google must pay a certain amount of money for each time the ad is clicked. More competitive keywords will generally require an increase in the amount to be paid, which can become prohibitive for smaller businesses.

In comparison, Fulcrum Concepts points out that SEO ranks websites based on search intent. The algorithms involved identify what the user is searching for and provide results based on a range of factors including keywords, location, and Google My Business Listings.

Given the complexity involved, an effective SEO campaign takes time and will probably not generate results immediately if the niche is competitive. However, the author also states that this form of digital marketing will increase in effectiveness over time and a well-structured initial campaign will pay dividends into the future.

As SEO experts, Fulcrum Concepts provides small and medium-sized businesses with transparent, data-driven SEO and Google My Business processes that ensure cost-effective returns.

A company representative stated: “The majority of web searchers will choose to click on a natural organic result versus an ad. So SEO has a better chance of attracting clicks versus an ad shown on the same page.”

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