Types of Healing Crystals and Crystal Healing Sets: Which Is Right for You

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(Newswire.net — September 17, 2021) — Crystal healing is a popular alternative medicine nowadays. From anxiety to romantic life and physical ailments, people use different types of crystals and crystal healing sets as a method of complementary treatment. Learn what different kinds of healing crystals are and how to get the right one for your needs. 

For centuries, crystals have been a part of human life. In the past, these gemstones were used for physical, emotional, and spiritual purposes. Many ancient cultures saw crystals as a method to protect their homes from evil spirits.

In the 21st-century world, there are different types of crystals and crystal healing kits that help treat various kinds of physical and mental ailments. Backed by scientific studies, these gemstones possess an energy that can be transferred to the body.

Types Of Healing Crystals

The crystal world has different types of gemstones that can heal physically and mentally. Below are some commonly know healing crystals at online crystal shops:

Rose Quartz

As the name suggests, the crystal is associated with love. It is useful in restoring trust in a relationship. It also helps strengthen connections. In addition, the gemstone is helpful in providing comfort during anxious moments. 

Clear Quartz

It is a white crystal that has been found to be effective in channelizing and amplifying energy. Also known as the master healer, clear quartz can help absorb, store, release, and regulate energy. It is a useful gemstone that helps in improving memory and concentration. 

When it comes to the physical benefits, the healing crystal is useful in stimulating the body’s immune system and balancing the body. 


This crystal is a smooth gemstone, popularly called the supreme nurturer. What can it do for you? Well, Jasper is a useful stone to have in your crystal set for anxiety. Its healing abilities include supporting you during stressful times. Also, it absorbs negative vibes and promotes confidence.   


It is a powerful crystal if you wish to promote inner growth. The healing crystal is known for its new beginnings. It relieves the feelings of uneasiness and promotes a positive attitude. Apart from that, you can have a moonstone to promote good fortune. 


This beautiful blue stone is a symbol of royalty. It is said to promote happiness and peace. Also, the gemstone is believed to accept intuition. The physical benefits of sapphire include healing eye issues and correcting blood disorders.


If you want a healing stone to improve the blood flow in your body, then this crystal is ideal to suit your needs. The gemstone is known for improving blood circulation. In addition, it supports mental health by encouraging creativity, selflessness, and idealism.


A unique and red crystal, ruby plays a notable role in restoring vitality. Also, it is a useful gemstone for improving sex life and sensuality. Apart from that, you can get the gemstone to promote self-awareness. 

How To Choose The Right Crystal For You

Various kinds of crystals promote physical and mental health in different ways. You need to find out what you expect from a healing crystal. 

Understand your requirements and expectations to learn what kind of crystal can be a part of your crystal healing kits. 

Also, learn about different types of healing crystals and find out how they can help promote your health. After that, match their properties with your requirements to find the right crystal for your needs. 

Reach genuine online crystal shops, browse different kinds of crystals, and get a crystal to suit your needs. All the best!