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Hiking is becoming more and more popular. Rightly so, because hardly any other sport is so suitable for young and old and provides breathtaking experiences in nature. Outdoor shops have such a large range that beginners quickly lose track of things. This guide clarifies which equipment you really need as a beginner.

Walking boots

The right hiking shoes are the most important piece of equipment for every beginner. These special shoes provide the necessary support and protect the foot. They have an ergonomic footbed and a sole with a good profile. Hiking shoes are made of high quality and robust materials and are weatherproof. 

If you want to hike in the mountains or in unpaved terrain, you need hiking boots. They protect the ankles, make sure-footed walking easier and keep stones away. The sole with the deep profile and the hard-wearing material offers safety and grip on slippery paths and rocks. The waterproof membranes keep your feet warm and dry

Hiking backpacks

Good adventure bags that are comfortable to carry are an important basis for a relaxed hike. They offer space for food, clothing and a cell phone. Nobody should set out on a long walk without a backpack. 

It is important to always take enough water with you. It’s easy to get lost in the uneven terrain and the sun can be pretty strong in the mountains. Sufficient provisions, a first aid kit and sun protection are essential. 

Daypacks have a capacity of 25 to 30 litres. There are correspondingly larger trekking backpacks for multi-day tours. These models have many extras and good models are very light in their own weight. The backpack should sit close to the body and be weatherproof. 

Hiking pants

The hiking pants are part of the standard equipment. These pants often have a special water-repellent material and they are breathable. Hiking pants protect against injuries caused by brush and thorns, dirt and ticks. Models for winter are warm and have a special snow skirt on the leg. They reliably protect the body and muscles from cooling down.

Rain jacket

Rain jackets are an important and often underestimated utensil and have to be in your luggage for every major tour. The price differences are sometimes enormous. The decisive factor is the quality. The material should be robust and the seams should not let water through.

A robust rain jacket will last for many years and will reliably withstand the weather. It also protects against cold wind. If you go hiking regularly, it is worth investing in a high-quality model. Yes, they can be costly but you can get them for cheap when there is a sale on or using promo codes such as millets discount code.


Headgear, be it a cap or hat, is part of every hiking equipment and always in the rucksack. The weather can change quickly and the headgear protects against cold, wind and, above all, the sun. Solar radiation is particularly strong in the mountains and sunburn is possible even in winter or when the sky is overcast.

Walking sticks

Trekking poles relieve the knee joints and provide additional support. They are particularly useful on paths with steep inclines and in unpaved terrain. They make walking over roots and slippery stones easier. There are special poles that can be folded up and stowed in the hiking backpack. These walking sticks can be adjusted to the individual body size.

Hiking maps

You shouldn’t rely on special apps and mobile phones on longer hiking tours. The battery can run down, the device can be lost or broken and often there is simply no network reception. A hiking guide and / or maps are essential here and belong in your luggage. The routes can be planned in advance and spontaneous changes are possible at any time. A good set of cards makes orientation easier and offers security.

In order for the hiking tour to be an unforgettable experience for newcomers, you should have a certain standard equipment. The right basics enable a pleasant and safe hike. You can find all kinds of quality equipment on stores like Millets and best of all you can get good discounts using their millets discount code.