Reese Evans Yes Supply Manifestation Masterclass For NLP & Life Coaches Launched

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Reese Evans, master manifestation and abundance coach, has launched a new online masterclass aimed at entrepreneurs and future leaders. As the creator of the ‘YES SUPPLY METHOD’, Reese is well placed to help attendees understand energetic shifts that can help them achieve their dreams.

The newly launched webinar with Reese is taking place online on Saturday 25 September, at 12 pm EST. Previous sessions have been popular with attendees in the US and Canada – specially her masterclass, trainers training program and certification course – YES SUPPLY METHOD is successful when held offline in Florida, California, New York, Georgia, Texas, and Illinois US, Ontario, Toronto, Canada.

More information about current and future events will be available at

During Reese’s newly announced YES SUPPLY METHOD webinar, she will teach attendees how to overcome the barriers that are holding them back, whether they are ideas, beliefs, or lived experiences. She will empower individuals to step into their ideal vision of themselves.

In addition, there will be training on alignment. Reese understands that when a student or attendee is not listening to their wants and desires, they cannot follow their dreams, which can be detrimental to future generations.

Elements included as part of the webinar range from science to the subconscious mind and spirituality. Combining these separate elements together can offer strength and guidance from within. It can be turned into something actionable for the person taking part, as well as those around them.

The underlying theme of the manifestation masterclass is empowerment, which can be achieved through learned techniques. Reese explicitly states that the life a person dreams of can be achieved. They do not have to wait; they have permission to reach their full potential.

Participants will learn how to gain clarity, whether they want to know who they want to be or the subconscious changes they need to make to turn their dream life into a reality.

Aside from the manifestation masterclass, there is the opportunity to achieve certification in up to five different areas. This includes mindset coaching, life coaching, neural energetic wiring, neural energetic encoding, emotional freedom techniques (EFT tapping), or hypnosis practitioner.

The latter enables students to become hypnosis practitioners, so they can unlock the subconscious mind of their clients. It can be a rewarding role, as it can empower clients and help them reduce their dependence on negative habits.

A company spokesperson said: “In this exclusive masterclass, you will learn how to move forward like the world is rigged in your favor and wild success is inevitable.”

Interested parties are encouraged to visit this link to sign up