Chicago IL Home Improvement Services – Contractor/Freelancer Hiring App Launched

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The recently launched Chicago-based Giggo app allows contractors and local home service professionals to find jobs in the community. The application is available for small business owners or freelance individuals.

The new Giggo app makes receiving payments easier for both contractors and customers. All contractors and freelancers are required to be verified by Stripe, a financial services company. This added protection helps to verify the identities of users and smooth the payment process after a job is complete.

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The new app also allows contractors to easily track payments. Receipts can be generated individually for each job through the application, and quotes or invoices can be sent to the customers instantly.

The application is currently exclusive to Chicago, and the Apple store, though the company is currently working on expanding throughout the USA. Customers who download the app can search for services by the type of work they require and will be provided with a list of local contractors who also use the app.

Individuals looking for side jobs or companies who choose to use Giggo can create their own teams of service providers, as well as working solo. To use the app, an individual only needs to register and answer some basic information. New clients can find registered users, describe jobs to them, and request quotes.

Once a service provider has received a request and provided a quote, the customer has the choice to accept. If the quote is accepted, the contractor must provide an estimated time of arrival. Then, when the job is complete, they can be paid directly through the Giggo app.

The application has an intuitive interface that was designed with contractor-customer relations in mind. It includes features such as status update buttons contractors can easily access while driving, to let the homeowners know when they will be arriving. This is important because of a new time-limited feature that encourages promptness in providers.

If a service request is accepted but the contractor cannot show up within two hours, the customer has the option to cancel the request and seek a new provider. The customer can also send status updates in the event of circumstance changes in a job. These paired features provide an incentive for both parties involved in a service request to communicate.

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