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The Internet Business School has launched a new webinar, ‘Six Ways to Earn in the Online Economy.’ The course will help clients build the Internet business that suits their passions and life goals.

The new webinar will teach participants how to take their business ideas online, create websites that are optimised for SEO, attract considerable website traffic, and convert that traffic into paying customers.

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The course is led by Simon Coulson, founder of The Internet Business School and a self-made online millionaire who has launched several seven-figure online businesses. The course has been launched to help interested members generate consistent revenue online from the privacy of their homes, regardless of economic conditions.

The Internet Business School was founded for all types of entrepreneurs. They have course offerings for brick-and-mortar business owners looking to bring their businesses online, veteran online entrepreneurs looking to improve their business performance, and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build new online enterprises. The School has become one of the UK’s leading educational centres, training thousands of entrepreneurs and creating many millionaires. It has been accredited by CPD Standards and provides a Diploma in Internet Marketing.

Members will learn Coulson’s simple three-step system to create a successful business online, including six different ways to earn in the online economy and seven ways to drive traffic to their business websites. They will also learn how to generate revenue regardless of external economic conditions.

Class participants could earn as much as £500,000, or more, by learning to repurpose knowledge they already possess.

Simon Coulson, the webinar host, was driven to establish The Internet Business School in 2007 when he realised how little quality training there was in the online entrepreneurship space. The Internet Business School’s mission is to share the most up-to-date marketing strategies with online business owners and startups. Simon has publicly shared his knowledge on the subject to audiences of several thousand at a time.

A satisfied participant in The Internet Business School’s programmes has said: ‘The Internet marketing course was packed with the latest information. The speakers were well prepared, loads of recorded and live material both written and verbal were provided, and lots of help was given via the live Q & A.’

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