Start Saving Money On High Energy Bills In San Bernardino CA With Solar

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Option One Solar is available for expert solar energy services throughout San Bernardino, CA. The solar company offers a comprehensive range of solar services for California customers.

The updated services are designed to help customers take advantage of the Southern Californian sunshine and enjoy affordable, renewable energy all year round. The company serves San Bernardino and the surrounding areas of Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Oakhills, and more.

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With the latest move, the energy specialist aims to provide reliable service for more homeowners. The company understands that the popularity of solar has led to the growth of some unethical companies, and wants to offer a trustworthy option.

Solar has experienced a boom in recent years, and now more companies are taking advantage of the growing market. This makes finding the right company difficult – however, Option One Solar strives to ensure high-quality customer service from the initial consultation to the installation.

The company knows that installing a solar energy system is a big undertaking and should be carried out by an experienced local company. Option One Solar is fully licensed, has been established for many years, and has been voted the best company for solar installation for the last five years.

It is also explained that by using California’s federal solar tax credit as well as other incentives, there has never been a better or cheaper time to consider turning to renewable energy for the home or business. The company offers a discount to first responders, healthcare workers, and members of the military.

Option One Solar was started by Jerry Thomas, who began his career working on fighter jet electronics while serving in the military. He then moved on to become part of the Apollo Space Program, supervising electrical work on the Apollo Space Command Module. He spent decades working with the City of Pasadena and the Edison Testing Laboratories before founding Option One Solar.

A recent customer has said of their experience: “They were so incredibly helpful at every step of the process and were flexible enough to accommodate me when I needed to make changes to the location of our ground-mount array, the configuration, and switching between financing options in the middle of the project. Really great, professional people and company.”

With the latest service update, the solar experts empower more local families to make the switch to sustainable energy solutions.

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