Burbank Glendale Commercial Floor Cleaning Floor Strip and Wax Services

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JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care (818-263-9314), a reputable commercial floor cleaning contractor serving Burbank and Glendale, CA, has just expanded its floor maintenance service to businesses across the city.

JP Carpet Cleaning has expanded its floor cleaning services for businesses in Burbank and Glendale as part of a wider initiative to provide prompt and reliable In the wake of the pandemic, more businesses in and around Los Angeles are seeking the services of expert carpet cleaners and floor cleaning contractors to ensure compliance to OSHA regulations and the maintenance of a hygienic environment for their employees.

More information about JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care is available at https://www.jpcarpetandfloorcare.com

Like their residential services, the company’s expanded corporate floor cleaning services are eco-friendly and planet-safe, using only natural and biodegradable cleaning agents. Its team is staffed and equipped to cater to clients in the wider San Fernando Valley region, including the communities of Burbank and Glendale.

Consistent maintenance prolongs the service life of floors and helps businesses project a positive image to customers. Moreover, clean floors are less likely to cause slip-and-fall accidents, which can be quite costly to litigate.

JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care provides recurring maintenance to clients no matter how big or small their premises may be. This service is ideal for establishments like law firms, restaurants, big-box stores, and schools, among others.

The top-rated commercial floor cleaning company in Burbank and Glendale specializes in stripping and waxing, which involves removing a floor’s original finish and applying a new one to make it look brand new. Its experienced personnel can efficiently complete this time-consuming task to minimize any disruption to business operations.

As a carpet cleaning expert, the company can render thorough cleaning of area rugs as well. Customers can also have their upholstery cleaned as part of the maintenance package.

For their convenience, clients can now schedule their floor cleaning appointment through the company website. They simply need to fill out a short form and indicate their preferred schedule, as well as whether they want recurring or one-time service.

About JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care

JP Carpet Cleaning & Expert Floor Care provides thorough but budget-friendly services to both residential and commercial clients. Aside from floor maintenance, it also offers tile and grout cleaning, as well as water damage restoration services. Since its establishment, it has completed over 25,000 jobs and has garnered 400-plus five-star reviews.

A spokesperson says: “We are passionate about earning the trust of our home, business, and industry customers by providing a continually expanding list of value-driven cleaning and maintenance services.”

Interested parties may visit https://www.jpcarpetandfloorcare.com if they need further details about the company and its services.