Cold Call Sales Consultant Jay Cruiz Launched AmpiFire 3.0 Content Marketing App

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Jay Cruiz announced the release of AmpiFire 3.0, a unique cutting edge AI-powered content marketing software platform that empowers users to increase their brand awareness, generate highly convertible leads and boost their sales by promoting their brands on high-authority media outlets and popular websites.

AmpiFire 3.0 is the latest version of the revolutionary AI-powered content marketing software by Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch, that enables users to build their own scalable online content marketing business.

Jay Cruiz is the pioneer behind the infamous King’s Rule Sales Challenge, expert training that flips selling on its head to deep dive into world-class persuasion. More information about Jay Cruiz’s sales coach practice, credentials, and training can be found on his personal website at .

The updated version of the AmpiFire platform comes with a new user-friendly interface and powerful features for creating content in various formats and automatically distributing it to a wide network of media outlets, podcast directories, YouTube, Vimeo and more.

Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch have also secured new media partnerships to enable the AmpiFire users to get a wider reach of their content.

The AmpiFire platform offers the infrastructure and the specialists to enable any user to get immediate and long-lasting results online; to effectively promote their local businesses, ecommerce products, affiliate offers or crypto projects.

The content marketing platform enables users to get the exposure they need and to build up more trust and authority in their markets. Best of all, it’s simple, requires no technical expertise. There’s a team of content creation specialists that does all the heavy lifting.

It has taken the AmpiFire team years and a small fortune to build this powerful automated content marketing platform. It is now streamlined and works very well. It is available to marketing agencies, local business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in creating unique content in various formats and publishing it on the world’s most trusted websites.

Users are super excited with the fact that they can legally steal Jay’s knowledge and experience to build their very own successful online venture or to grow and scale an existing business.

All AmpiFire 3.0 buyers get access to video training and Q&A sessions. During the AmpiFire training, Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz reveal the effective traffic generation methods and sales tactics that have helped business owners across the world secure top-ranking positions online and generate a steady flow of buyer traffic to their sites.

They teach students how to tap into endless amounts of zero-cost traffic, which can be used to sell anything even if users don’t have a product of their own to sell. Students are taught how to clone Jay Cruiz’s 7- figure funnel to get all the high-ticket clients they can handle. AmpiFire users also learn how to effectively handle cold calls and elegantly lead any conversion.

Interested parties can get their hands on this groundbreaking software by visiting