Google Panda and Page Rank Updates: All Facts Sheets Must Be Calculated and Determined

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( — September 20, 2021) —

The activities undertaken by SEO experts have often lead to the development of websites, which are capable of retaining the attention of the audience. Websites are seen as the eyes and More importantly, they are the potentials of attracting the gather as well as retaining the stream of the consumers. In recent years the web has been prolifically Irrelevant for most of businesses, which is creating problems for them.

The web has Indeed become the best place for the business to promote their products or services where the business earnings are small, but the website only will attract a small number of customers. This in turn has led to an increase in the references of the website with a small growth in traffic. But while this is going on, a number of features are developing and new algorithms are being developed for Google. This has certainly led to some web owners to give up their websites and take several other preferred methods to boost their traffic. But it is not fair! There are several SEO techniques that leaving the industry.

The Google Panda update was launched with the hammering of the Google sandbox. It is nothing but a set of parameters that will be used to judge the quality of the websites. After the launch, thousands of websites that were using low-brow area techniques for generating traffic via SEO were penalized. So it is not fair use of the below-mentioned techniques will get you into the blacklist.

1) Un diversified keywords

Making keywords from a single root word is sure to get you into trouble. So it is always advisable to use other variations to avoid the policies of Google.

2) uploaded content with no fixed pattern

The first pattern which Google will look for is that there is good content present on a website. It is actually a violation of the policies of Google to resort to low-brow area techniques to boost the traffic.

3) copied content

It was the ideal situation for the user. But for Google, there is a clear pattern that has been used to trick them. So being copied content will not fetch you!

4) Cloaking

The site can be programmed to show different pages to the search engine according to the requests from the users. But the Google will be rearmed with a specific task to root out the websites which violate the regulations.

5) Link farms

organized the links to the websites with the help of algorithms that are difficult to understand. So it is difficult for Google to trace the issue.

6) Blog Networks

the websites with similar IP addresses to easily target them. But for Google, this was exploited by the SEO professionals to increase their page ranks.

7) informational websites

any website that does not display the URL to the reader is to be considered a fillet.

8) the use of small images

the use of small images is very significant for the search engines to index the site.

the use of keyword-rich links

bound links from keyword-rich websites are imperative to achieve faster search engine optimization.

the anchor text should be descriptive to the websites.

the backlinks should be from authoritative websites and should have minimal competition.

the backlinks should be from websites with a high Google page rank.