Gravity Extension Limits Newton/Einstein – Cosmology Science Report Launched

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Wired Cosmos, a website publishing articles about astronomy, launches a report titled “Does the Influence of Gravity Extend Out Forever?”, examining Newton’s and Einstein’s gravitational theories.

With the launch of the report, readers are introduced to the concept and question of gravity extending forever in a firmly scientific, yet easily approachable style. The report discusses its titular question in a binary manner, first with reference to Newton’s affirmative theory and then to Einstein’s negative one.

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Readers can now easily educate themselves with the new report, learning about Newton’s law of universal gravitation and its applicability to closer distances and masses within earth. The report goes on to acknowledge Newton’s theory’s fallibility as applied to an eternal extension of gravity, and introduces Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Readers are made aware of Einstein’s concepts and their applicability to gravity, which effectively discount Newton’s.

Gravity, as most know, affects all life on earth, and extends far beyond them into the universe. Its exact nature is to most a mystery, and the concept itself can be so daunting that many never investigate it or make an attempt to understand it, fearing their lack of scientific background to be an insurmountable barrier to comprehension.

The launch of the report from Wired Cosmos gives all those curious about gravity the chance to both read more about its nature, and to learn about the people who have shaped current understanding of the topic. While the writings of Newton and Einstein are in many cases and for many learners dense and impenetrable, the report simplifies the language of their key concepts relating to gravity without sacrificing scientific integrity.

With both Newton’s and Einstein’s theories explained in relation to gravity and to each other, the report finishes by returning to its initial question. It acknowledges Einstein’s general theory of relativity as expressing what is currently accepted as true, and in conclusion states the limits of Newton’s thought: “Gravity extends out up to between galaxy groups, but beyond that, the universe becomes too empty for different masses to have an effect on each other.”

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