Homeowners In Lancaster CA Turn To Solar Panels For Lower Energy Bills

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Thousands of homeowners can reduce energy bills up to 90% by switching to solar power with Option One Solar. Invest money that would be wasted on bills back into their homes with solar energy.

This latest update from Option One Solar can help residents in Lancaster CA to avoid constant utility rate increases by switching to renewable energy. Investing in a solar panel system can allow customers to cover their home’s complete energy needs and eliminate electric bills.

Customers can find further details at https://optiononesolar.com/the-1-way-to-stop-skyrocketing-electric-bills

A recent study has found that Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the state’s three largest investor-owned utility companies providing electricity for Southern California, charges 45% more than the national average for electricity. SCE customers have already experienced higher electric bills in 2021 with rates predicted to continue increasing in the future.

Option One Solar offers multiple different types of installations. Pitched roof installations are the most common, with strong support components which allow the system to function successfully in any weather conditions. Flat roof installations are also available, with tilted panels to capture the sun’s paths of progression. Ground mounts can be installed on any form of open land space, and carport mounted installations can serve a dual purpose, providing vehicle shelter as well as clean energy for the property.

The company’s solar experts are able to analyze a home’s energy usage and design a system specific to each client’s individual needs. Its technicians also offer a guide to ensure that customers fully understand the financial quote for their property before they sign a contract.

This recent announcement is in line with the company’s commitment to installing highly efficient solar systems that help eliminate customers’ energy bills throughout Lancaster and surrounding areas. More information can be found at https://optiononesolar.com/california/lancaster-ca-solar-installation

One Option Solar founder Jerry Thomas incorporated his experience working as an electrical supervisor for the Apollo Space Program into the company’s projects and internal processes, ensuring “space program standards” in all their work. The company has established a strong reputation for high-quality products and professional customer service, as indicated by its numerous positive customer reviews.

A satisfied customer said, “The member of staff I spoke to answered most of my questions immediately, and when something came up he couldn’t answer, he did the research and got back to me promptly. Off-grid versus on, battery backup alternatives, and the extension of the federal subsidy were all issues he helped me with. Even over the holidays, when most offices are not so responsive, Option One was a source I could turn to.”

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