Car Seat Headrest Pillow Memory Foam – Best Neck Side Support Cushion Launched

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DeTrenda, a trending products web shop, has launched the new Car Seat Headrest Pillow, giving customers access to an affordable and expertly designed product for superior driving comfort.

DeTrenda, an online store for trending products has launched its latest popular offering, the new Car Seat Headrest Pillow. The neck support cushion is an affordable and expertly designed product to enhance driving comfort.

DeTrenda’s new headrest-mounted side support pillow is designed to maximize comfort for people who want to nap in their parked cars. Soft, thick memory foam is designed to flank the sleeper’s neck and provide optimal comfort. The product frame is made of strong ABS plastic.

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With the launch of the Car Seat Headrest Pillow, shoppers can choose between black or beige models that complement almost all vehicle interiors. The pillow features an accommodating design to work with all car headrests that have their poles at a minimum of 3.75 inches apart. Customers are also able to enjoy the assurance of hassle-free returns within 14 days of purchase, and the option of express shipping should they desire it.

Whether on a road trip or in the city, many people are may need to nap in their car while safely parked in a garage or at a rest stop. However, difficulties can arise when they wake up to find themselves suffering from a stiff, sore neck. This is the inevitable result of car headrests lacking sufficient neck support.

DeTrenda’s launch of the Car Seat Headrest Pillow provides the necessary augmentation of side pillows to existing headrests, eliminating worries of neck pain because of poor posture. The website also provides clear, concise instructions for the installation of the headrest pillow, giving an easy-to-do, cost-friendly solution to stiffness and soreness.

The Car Seat Headrest Pillow can be adjusted for maximum comfort, utilizing telescopic support for ideal positioning. The side pillows can be raised, lowered, angled, and rotated up to 180 degrees.

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A satisfied customer said: “I liked the fact that the beige color matched my car interior almost exactly. Installation was simple. Headrest sides have solid clicks when adjusting the positions. Construction and material look good.”

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