Sun Prairie WI Weed Control – Liquid Herbicide Pre-Emergent Treatment Updated

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As the weather turns colder across the state of Wisconsin, a Madison-based lawn care company (+1-608-212-6174) announces updated weed and insect eradication services for homeowners across Dane County.

Best Lawn has launched broadleaf weed control, seeding, and mosquito control services. The dedicated team specializes in year-round horticultural solutions, from spring clean-ups to core aeration protocols.

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The company is offering advanced lawn care treatments, specially formulated to arrest the growth of invasive species before they become more widespread. Customers can benefit from Best Lawn’s liquid broadleaf and crabgrass pre-emergent solutions.

An article published by Wisconsin Horticulture suggests that from mid-August to mid-September is the ideal period to establish a new lawn. Modern fertilizers offer slow-release nourishment for ailing grass while herbicides help to eliminate pervasive broadleaf weeds.

The company’s crabgrass protocols can be applied in the spring, targeting and eliminating spores before they have a chance to germinate over the warmer summer months.

Best Lawn offers expertise in eradicating mosquito infestations. The team can apply treatments seasonally or on-demand. These typically keep the insects at bay for 4 to 6 weeks.

Customers can also benefit from Best Lawn’s expert fertilization services. Timely nourishment of grass helps to strengthen its roots which in turn enables it to resist the advances of weeds, crowding out crabgrass and other invaders. Spring and late summer application of herbicides can eradicate over 90% of broadleaf species.

In addition, Best Lawn provides core aeration services to reduce soil compaction – ensuring that adequate oxygen, water, and nutrients reach deeper layers of earth.

About Best Lawn

From headquarters in Verona, WI, the company has been serving the residents of Madison since its inception in 2001. Best Lawn is a family-owned and operated business, providing clients with a team of highly experienced turf management professionals.

A satisfied customer says, “I have used Best Lawn to fertilize and provide weed control for our lawn for the past few years. They are a great family-owned business. Our lawn looks the best in the neighborhood.”

With its latest service updates, Best Lawn continues to set the standard for affordable expertise in grass management and weed control.

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