Things to Consider When Buying a Screen Door

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( — September 22, 2021) — Screen doors have become a part of every home. They let the smooth penetration of air and light in the home while keeping out insects and other irritants. The Flux Phenom Screen Door also provides more security and shielding. Before buying a screen door, it is essential to carry out some research to make the best decisions.

There Is A Different Reason To Every Security And Screen Door

To Prevent Insect Intrusion

Homeowners always buy these retractable screen doors to prevent the invasion of bugs and insects in the home. There are some people whose neighborhoods have big raccoons and crickets, hence getting a door that prevents their intrusion is important.

Super Active Pets

For other homeowners, they could have their pets that are fond of playing and scratching the door which can destroy them. Depending on one’s needs, there are some other doors made with more solid materials that aid in protecting the home and preventing damages. 


There are different types of screen doors that will let in different shades of light and air in the home. For people who do not want a lot of sunlight, going in for an opaque door could be a good choice. For those who are more interested in security, adding a spare and solid layer in front of the door’s entrance will be a good decision. 

Consider These Factors Before Making That Decision 

The Frame

There are three different materials one can select from for their screen door frames and here they are:

Wood: These types of frames give the home a more customary look though more vulnerable to harm especially in harsh weather conditions, be it heat or cold.

Metal: Door frames made from metal materials such as aluminum are lighter when it comes to their weight and very flexible. One can easily make a pick from their available designs and though they are more expensive, they are more durable.

Plastic: Fiberglass frames are the most lightweight amongst the different frames. They tend to last shorter as compared to the other doors especially metal doors and are not as flexible as they are but they are still eye-catching. 

Any of the chosen door frames can be customized to match the interior décor of the home. There are several types of screen doors to make a pick from, these doors include; the swinging screen door, retractable, and sliding screen doors. Generally, sliding screen doors are more suitable for backdoors, rather than the main way.

Choose The Best Fabric

Another thing to consider before making a decision on the screen door to get is the screen material which is even the most essential thing to reflect on when buying a screen door. The screen door materials are always made either from; plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, or copper.

The doors made from metal screens are generally more solid than the other materials though they could be more costly they fall amongst the top-recommended screen doors. Plastic and fiberglass screen doors, on the other hand, are also durable and a good option as well though their lifespan is shorter as compared to metals.


How possible it is for the door to keep the home well-secured is another important factor to think of. Flux Phenom Screen Door is a good choice because they are made with durable metals which ensure good security.