Imtazur Rahman: How to plan your perfect wedding with a tight budget

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( — September 22, 2021) —

Weddings can be expensive.

It is no surprise that the price of weddings continues to rise over time. After all, there’s plenty to consider: the venue and the dress for the wedding, the wedding cake, the honeymoon, dinner and entertainment, wedding pictures to print and take, and so many more!

A lot of newlyweds are in debt because they spend lots of money on planning their wedding. That’s no way to start your wedding!

We are delighted to share some tricks and tips to assist you in planning your dream wedding on a limited budget. Today we have Imtazur Rahman, a Canadian wedding planner, who will be sharing his expertise with you on how to plan your wedding on a restricted budget.

What is the cost average of weddings?

Imtazur Rahman. It may come as no surprise to your readers that weddings on a limited budget are becoming increasingly common. With the average wedding cost decreasing, it’s not surprising that this trend continues. Just a few years ago the typical wedding in the United States cost $34,000. In 2019, that price rose to $28,000. (The average wedding budget was just $19,000).

What is the most costly part of wedding planning?

 Imtazur Rahman: The most expensive item is the venue. The average venue costs around $10,000, which is roughly half of your budget. If the wedding venue includes food (including the wedding cake), drinks, tables and chairs and linens, then it may cost you between $12,000 and $14,000.

Naturally, based on the location you’d like to host your wedding ceremony, you may also discover it to be more or less costly on certain days or depending on the number of guests you have (the greater the number of guests the bigger space you’ll require!)

What are other wedding costs?

Imtazur Rahman Outside the catering or venue Three are the most significant financial losses for newlyweds.

The Engagement Ring

  • As the object that acts as a symbol for the union Engagement rings can be expensive. Your personal tastes will influence the cost however, you should expect to spend about $5,000 for most engagement rings.

Music & Entertainment

  • Beyond the ceremony The reception, too, is crucial. It all depends on what entertainment you’re seeking. For instance, the typical cost of live entertainment is about $3000 (while DJs are a bit less at $2,200.)

Videography and Videography

  • To preserve the memory of your perfect day, pictures and videos are essential! Professional work can cost you around $2000 for the photographer and around $1,000 for the videographer.

What advice would you offer to couples who are trying to organize an event without spending much cash?

Imtazur Rahman I believe the biggest issue that people expect brides or grooms to have is setting a realistic spending budget. I have received clients with budgets as low as $8,000-$15,000 range from me that’s absolutely fine! Believe it or not, a wedding is still doable at this price. The only question is whether the budget meets the expectations of the couple.

What I am trying to say is that when planning your own wedding within a budget, you have to be prepared to make sure that your price point will work on the kind of wedding that you have in mind. It will not work to make your dream wedding happen in any price range. I am confident that it’ll result in additional expenses. So, my emphasis is on “realistic”.

What are brides and grooms able to do to reduce the stress on their wedding budgets?

Imtazur Rahman Make concessions when possible! There is no need to sacrifice what must-haves — or, at minimum, you shouldn’t. You can offer concessions (and it could be anything) Here’s what I mean:

  1. Change your wedding date It is possible to have your wedding on a weekday, instead of a Sunday or a Saturday. This will save you money on costs for the venue.
  2. Your wedding and reception can be held at the same location! Avoid paying for several venues which can be costly. Instead, have your reception and wedding in one place.
  3. Limit your guest list! It is essential to restrict the number of guests invited to the wedding. This is a critical point to remember. If you have more guests invite, it’ll require you to set aside a bigger budget. Not only for the venue, but also for the other features of your wedding.
  4. Create your own favors This is an activity that my clients love to do particularly because wedding favors can be very expensive.

You can honestly talk about the many concessions you can make to help make your dream day happen within your budget. You’ll know the concept. Give up everything that isn’t essential to make the occasion more memorable.

Any other last-minute tips for those planning their own wedding on a budget?

Imtazur Rahman Help is available! It doesn’t have to be your wedding planner. I’m talking about family and friends! You can make the day memorable for all by inviting them to join in. I am certain they will be more than satisfied and will be able to help with your special day.

Where would our readers be able to locate you?

Imtazur Rahman: I have a website where you can get professional help planning your special day.