Stop High Electricity Bills In The Mojave Desert With Solar Panel Installation

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Option One Solar, a Mojave-based solar energy company, is helping residents in the Mojave Desert region that are experiencing a rise in their energy bills with solar energy which is dramatically reducing these costs.

According to the new report, consumers in Southern California have seen their residential energy bills increase by upwards of 14.4% in recent years. Average monthly bills increased by $14 in 2021, are set to rise by another $4 in 2022, and a further $6 in 2023. Solar energy provides an affordable solution to reducing these rising costs.

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The new report highlights how Southern California Edison (SCE), one of the state’s largest investor-owned utility companies, charges 45% more than the national average for electricity. The report states that these high energy costs result from the expense of inspecting, maintaining, and upgrading equipment on the grid.

With its clear desert skies, more than 300 days of sunshine, and only 7 inches of rainfall every year, the Mojave Desert region is widely recognized as the best location in Southern California to install solar energy panels.

Solar energy experts at Option One Solar estimate that Mojave Desert residents can expect to make savings of upwards of $55,000 on their energy bills over the next 20 years. With an average installation cost of $14,250 per household, this represents a return on investment of $40,750. A detailed breakdown of the benefits of solar energy is available at

Option One Solar has been providing electrical services to Southern Californian homeowners for more than 50 years. It is widely recognized as a trusted supplier and installer of affordable and reliable solar energy products in the High Desert community.

A spokesperson for Option One Solar said, “While electrical grid maintenance is important, there is very little oversight from the state government into this investment. This means investor-owned utility companies may not be offering their consumers the best value for their money. The only way to dramatically reduce or even eliminate high electricity costs is to invest in solar energy.”

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