Honolulu HI Ceramic Coating Paint Protection For Cars/Bikes – Service Updated

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Shea’s Luxury Detail (808-232-6502), a Honolulu, Hawaii-based auto company has updated its ceramic coating paint protection services to help clients protect their vehicles from scratches and gunk.

Shea’s Luxury Detail, an auto detailing business located in Honolulu, Hawaii, has updated its ceramic coating paint protection services. The company has been delivering high-quality car and bike detailing since 2007 and has won multiple awards for its service.

More information can be found at https://autodetailhawaii.com

The company’s newly updated ceramic coating paint protection services are designed to help clients protect their vehicles from scratches, scuffs, and gunk. Clients can choose between their “entry level” and “premium level” coatings.

Their team of experts will leave the client’s car or motorcycle looking even more impressive and eye-catching than it did when it was brand new. Their “entry level” formula offers up to 2 years of paint protection and their “premium level” formula includes a 5-year warranty-backed graphene ceramic coat.

Shea’s Luxury Detail also offers a wheel coating service. The “Opti-Metal Coat” formula involves a fast curing process that prevents early failure on permeable metals. It will protect non-clear coated aluminum, brass, chrome, and other well-polished metals from tarnishing and oxidizing while keeping the high sheen of the polish.

Their “Opti-Coat Pro” formula is a ceramic clear coat for enhanced resistance to scratching and protection from chemical etching due to environmental influences. It offers a powerful scratch and mar resistance. In addition, clients can also get windshield coating services with their “Glassparency” formula that comes with two coats and provides protection for up to 3 years. Those interested can schedule an appointment by filling out the form located on the company’s website.

Shea’s Luxury Detail offers the highest quality paint correction and protection in the state of Hawaii. They provide a wide range of services customized to suit their clients’ needs.

A satisfied client said: “Always great service and always there to get the job done. Been seeing Shea and Candi for years and they are nothing but professional and friendly plus always accommodating my cars at the last minute on the monthly polish for the car shows. Shea and the crew are always using the latest and the best products to keep my cars clean and shiny for years to come.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.autodetailhawaii.com/detail-services/paint-protection-coating-options