5 Tips for Being a Better Strata Manager

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(Newswire.net — September 24, 2021) — Strata schemes are continually cropping up all over Australia. In addition, the concept of living communities is changing the face of how residents and owners obtain and manage their properties. The key to thriving strata lies in how they are managed. For this reason, there is now a robust industry that caters specifically to administering strata: strata management.

Good strata managers are assets to their communities. Furthermore, the nature of their profession means that they will often encounter many challenges. Modern strata schemes are complex, and their needs change and evolve seemingly constantly. Therefore, strata managers may find themselves having to handle a constant stream of issues and concerns encompassing a range of responsibilities.

To effectively carry out their duties, strata managers often have to wear many hats. For example, they may have to be responsible financial professionals one minute and level-headed problem solvers in the next. What sets apart the good and the exceptional is often their ability to switch between roles with ease. Additionally, they must embody good character traits that gain the confidence of the people they interact with. Here are five more tips for being a better strata manager.

Bolster your knowledge

Often, the first thing you must do after getting hired is to familiarise yourself with the strata. Not every stratum is alike, despite any underlying commonalities. So you must prioritize gaining as much knowledge about your particular scheme as you can. Learn about the building or buildings you will be overseeing; try to identify the culture and norms permeating the community. Discover and note down any potential problem areas and get comfortable with any technology used in the buildings and around the community. 

All in all, the more you can learn about your community, the better your chances of running it effectively.


As a strata manager, you are in a position to interact with a wide range of people, from residents and owners to contractors and lawyers. The best way to ensure that everyone remains on the same page is by employing good communication. You must be clear and consistent in your correspondence. Furthermore, you have to know when and how to deploy your skills in diplomacy. When you can keep everyone informed and content, you will have an easier time carrying out your duties.

Enhance your listening skills

You will encounter moments when you act as a mediator, a source of advice, or the primary decision-maker. In every instance, and others besides, you have to be a good listener. That way, you can catch and mitigate the appearance of potential problems and see to the needs of everyone in your care.

Respond Faster

You must make every effort to be quick in responding to issues that have been brought to your attention. This fast action can solve problems before they snowball into more prominent areas of concern. In addition, you may find that members of your community appreciate your speedy responses and thus are more likely to be happier with your services.

Maintain transparency

Your duties often require you to handle sensitive issues and documents, so you must foster trust with the body’s corporate members and the strata community as a whole. To do so, you have to be transparent at every turn. Keep proper records and be accountable for your actions, decisions, and whatever is contained within them. 

Operating as a strata manager in Sydney CBD, you can set an example that other strata managers aspire to replicate. And with these tips under your belt, you will be able to move the bar that much higher.