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FSC Hack Day has released a report on data science by author John McGee, outlining the qualities needed in the field, the responsibilities of data scientists, and methods to improve data science skills. The report also discusses essential skills for data scientists around the world.

The new report by cybersecurity collective FSC Hack Day is titled “Top Data Science Skills” and outlines the theoretical and practical skills needed for success in the data science industry, including data visualisation, basic programming, data wrangling, data mining, and more. Readers are given an expert’s comprehensive insight into the life and work of data scientists.

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The publication of this report corresponds with the growing need for skilled data scientists and the many opportunities available to those who master core skills. In collecting and analysing large volumes of data, data scientists serve the needs of modern industry by combining the skillsets of other more traditional roles such as scientists, statisticians, and mathematicians.

In his report, author John McGee elucidates all skills that are needed by data scientists and not only those traditionally expected of the profession. The report notes that these may be of use later in a professional’s career without necessarily being crucial to the role.

The responsibilities of a data scientist are methodically laid out in the report. These involve arranging data, analysing the data for a company, presenting data in a visually appealing manner, and creating predictive models through the data. In this way, they are instrumental in giving businesses a competitive edge over rivals.

The report contains guidance for data scientists, who must always keep learning to keep abreast with ever-changing technologies. The advice given includes learning relatively new skills such as coding, which can not only strengthen data wrangling but also give insight into the approaches employed by data analysts around the world. Readers are also encouraged to learn relational databases and SQL and to learn how to work with unstructured data.

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FSC Hack Day is a community of cybersecurity and information security professionals seeking to share knowledge about how multiple core and ancillary disciplines apply to institutions, businesses, and organizations in any industry.

In the report, McGee notes that: “Data science is an integral part of every business. Its skills are a broad discipline that requires you to learn and master one thing at a time. You should constantly be learning so that you can become the best in this field. Keep learning and perfecting yourself.”

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