Handmade Peccary Leather/Gents Driving Gloves With 3-Ply Cashmere Lining Launch

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Against the rise of mass production and inferior fabrics in commercial fashion, a UK-based clothing accessories company announces an expanded range of handcrafted, full-grain leather gloves.

Sir Gordon Bennett’s new collection features a comprehensive array of gloves for the discerning gentleman – all designed and manufactured in Great Britain using traditional construction techniques. The range is tailor-made for pursuits such as classic car motoring.

More details can be found at https://www.sirgordonbennett.com/gloves

The company’s latest launch includes luxury products such as the Hampton Bark Peccary Leather Gloves by renowned outfitters Dents. This premium offering is made exclusively in Wiltshire in the west of England.

Great Britain has a long history of glove manufacturing stretching back to Roman times. While most fashion retailers now rely on overseas production to keep costs down, companies such as Sir Gordon Bennett seek to celebrate the legacy of the UK’s leather-making trade. Industry stalwarts such as Dents have been making leather gloves since 1777.

Dents’ Hampton Peccary Gloves are an expertly crafted product with a number of detailed design touches. Peccary is derived from Amazonian wild hogs and is one of the softest leathers in the world, offering a delicate yet durable material for glove-making.

The Bark Hampton’s palm vents make putting on and removal of the gloves smooth and comfortable. Other features include a strap and roller fastener with Dents’ signature dome clasp and a 3-ply Scottish cashmere lining for warmth. All orders come in a presentation box, making them an ideal gift for a loved one or colleague.

In addition to Dents gloves, Sir Gordon Bennett also stocks a range of other accessories. These include a collection of handmade Fox umbrellas, featuring carved handles made from stout malacca, solid oak, and scorched whangee.

About Sir Gordon Bennett

The company has been supplying high-quality, British-made apparel to the global market since 2018. Sir Gordon Bennett is committed to the highest standards of customer care, as well as environmental sustainability through recycled packaging and minimum waste.

A spokesperson says, “Sir Gordon Bennett is about honest, well-made products that last longer, look gorgeous, and work better; through good old-fashioned attention to detail.”

With the release of its new leather glove collection, Sir Gordon Bennett continues to make premium, handmade accessories the standard for its customers.

For more information, please visit https://www.sirgordonbennett.com