eSIM Internet Access Abroad For iPhone/Android – Instant QR Code Launched

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MobiMatter has launched an expanded range of eSIM products for customers wanting a smoother and more affordable experience while traveling. Packages are available based on data, cost, and country.

As the world resumes more open travel arrangements following the impact of the pandemic, travelers are increasingly seeking the best deals on eSIMs. The expanded digital solution provides a range of benefits over a traditional card.

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For travelers visiting foreign countries, one of the primary hurdles is finding a reliable source of data to stay connected on mobile. While many carriers offer an auto-switching service based on location, data roaming can be expensive. The latest eSIM offers from MobiMatter aim to combat this.

Unlike traditional SIM cards, which have to be ordered online and posted or bought in person from a store, eSIMs are available instantly. Customers get access to a QR code, which they can scan using their smartphone.

Because there is no need to open the SIM slot on the device itself, it reduces the chance of damage. Data plans can be managed with ease through the phone’s settings, and customers can choose whether calls, texts, and browsing runs through the primary or secondary line.

There are a number of benefits to eSIM cards over the traditional physical alternative. Customers can keep their original SIM installed and use both on the same phone. This provides added flexibility, but also means customers can keep their main number while accessing better rates abroad.

Popular options include a 30-day 10 GB option, which works in over 60 countries. Specific location-based packages are also available.

MobiMatter is committed to helping customers find the right eSIM to suit their travel situation. The site provides information on all aspects of the technology, including which smartphones have access.

As part of a detailed FAQ series, the site offers a full installation and activation video to ensure that users can enjoy their data abroad without stress or hassle.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Mobimatter is a digital channel for telecom services, enabling consumers to find and buy the best mobile offers through their favorite e-commerce platforms. You can stay connected down under, in the Americas, across Europe, and throughout Africa.”

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