Green Valley AZ Rental Property Management – Rent Collection/Maintenance Launch

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Though rental properties are a great long-term investment, landlords must dedicate a significant amount of time maintaining and letting property. One real estate agency (520-940-0614) has updated its property management service, so landlords can stop worrying about their rental.

Southwestern Realty has expanded its range of services to include property management for rental properties in Green Valley, Arizona. The brokerage’s property management services will help landlords protect their assets while renting.

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This latest announcement will enable landlords to take a hands-off approach to their property while the real estate agency handles rent collection and general maintenance.

Southwestern Realty is among the leading real estate agencies in Green Valley and the surrounding areas. The brokerage specializes in providing high-quality representation for clients looking to buy or sell residential property.

The brokerage’s comprehensive property management services include rent collection, letting adverting and showings, evictions handling and maintenance. By hiring the agency to manage their rental property, landlords can avoid late payments and minimize evictions.

The agency has instituted rigorous screening protocols on prospective tenants to prevent any issues with unreliable renters. The real estate firm also guarantees a short turnaround time between tenants, so clients can maximize their earnings on the property.

Prior to renting out a new property, the agency will identify any maintenance issues and collect bids from various repair companies to find the best deal for their clients. The team will then oversee any work being done on the property, keeping the landlord updated on their online portal.

If a landlord decides they want to sell their property, Southwestern Realty can seamlessly step in to help with that process as well. The experienced team can get a property on the market and find a suitable buyer fast.

With this update, Southwestern Realty reaffirms its commitment to providing landlords, buyers and sellers in Sahuarita and Green Valley, Arizona with high-quality real estate services. The firm has also developed a strong reputation for its agent’s expert knowledge of the property market and exceptional level of client care.

The founder of the company, Ralph Schnelle, said; “Because I live here, I am familiar with the unique qualities of the Sahuarita housing market. I can share my expertise with my clients to help them find the best home at the right price in the perfect neighborhood to meet their needs.”

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