New Guide To Help California Residents Understand Different Solar Energy Quotes

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More homes and businesses in San Bernardino County are considering solar power. Apple Valley-based contractor Option One Solar (855-502-6363) has launched a new report providing insights into the purchasing process.

As the author points out, there are many potential pitfalls when seeking quotations for a solar installation. The new report provides guidance on choosing a suitable contractor, and how to understand the quote that they have provided.

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Solar power offers both residential and commercial properties a number of significant benefits. However, in its new report, Option One Solar advises readers that the potential cost savings and environmental advantages may be offset by a system that was not installed by licensed contractors.

San Bernardino County enjoys ideal conditions for solar energy, with year-round sunshine providing ample opportunities for homes and businesses to achieve energy independence. According to Reuters, California is on track to achieving the target of 50% renewable generation by 2025.

Despite the promising progress, many homes and businesses are still impacted by ongoing price increases from large utility corporations. While Option One Solar agrees that solar power is a great solution, the company’s new report also sounds some words of warning.

As the industry grows, the number of organizations selling solar panels is also on the rise. The author states that choosing the right contractor is critical to having a successful installation. In the first instance, buyers should be wary of unlicensed contractors or salespeople.

Only the solar panel contractors or those working directly for them are able to sell solar systems. Option One Solar advises those seeking quotations to check with the California State License Board to verify that salespeople are legitimate.

Reputation is another element that can quickly determine if a contractor is supplying and installing reliable systems. Option One Solar has been voted best solar installer for 5 consecutive years, and its in-house salespeople are trained to provide detailed explanations for the different photovoltaic systems available. The report suggests that potential buyers should look for these types of credentials when selecting their solar installation team.

Ultimately, Option One Solar states that any quotation that is difficult to understand is probably not worth considering. The licensed contractor maintains a policy of transparency and offers full warranties on all of its solar installations. Homes or businesses considering solar power are encouraged to get in touch for a no-obligation quote.

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