Experts Now Warn Heavy Metals Could Wreak Havoc on Health

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( — October 8, 2021) Las Vegas, NV — Today, many people are struggling with symptoms and diseases without even knowing the root cause of their health issues. 

According to experts, many of the most prevalent health issues nowadays are due to the buildup of toxins and heavy metals inside the body. Some of the common problems are joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, sluggishness, brain fog, poor memory, and mood dysregulation.

Health authorities have long warned against toxins, which can be found in a wide array of products a majority of the global population is exposed to on a daily basis. These include plastics, pollution, industrial cleaning agents, and even some foods.

Studies have long been warning against regular exposure to toxic heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum, copper, cadmium, nickel, arsenic, and lead. These are considered to be some of the biggest threats to human health. 

They can be found virtually everywhere, such as in metal cookware, aluminum foil, food, and pesticides. 

It is important to be warned that they can lurk in the system for prolonged periods, and eventually poison the body. They can affect the functioning and health of various bodily organs.

Individuals who want to detoxify their bodies from heavy metal buildup may consider the use of phytochemicals like curcumin.

According to scientists, curcumin can be found in the ancient medicinal spice called turmeric. This phytochemical is being widely studied due to its multiple therapeutic, disease-fighting properties. 

Studies have shown that curcumin is beneficial in cases of heavy metal poisoning due to its antioxidant agent. This has further been found to be due to its chelating property, which means it can bind with metal and eliminate it from the body. 

Turmeric has long been used in cases of lead poisoning, mercury poisoning, aluminum toxicity, and cadmium poisoning.

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