Free Brand Storytelling Templates For Business Websites And Newsletters Released

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A new free 7-Step Storytelling Template training by David Perdew has been released. It teaches users how to create genuine, compelling and profitable stories, captivate their target audiences and close more deals.

David Perdew announced the release of new free storytelling templates for businesses with expert tips on leveraging the power of persuasion in digital marketing. David Perdew provides a simple framework that content creators can access anytime they need to open, nurture, and close deals from even the coldest sources of traffic.

More information about the storytelling training course by David Perdew and the free storytelling templates can be found at

The special offer by David Perdew includes a ‘7 Steps to Storytelling Using A Point’ Infographic; a storytelling template worksheet; an Excel Idea Worksheet; sample ideas.

The free storytelling templates aim to provide business owners and just anyone with proven storytelling techniques that effectively capture the attention of customers and readers even in the noisy digital landscape, via any touchpoint with the target audience.

The Free Storytelling Templates are a powerful tool that empowers business owners and individuals to start telling genuine and persuasive stories. Students will learn how they can effectively share their message online, increase their brand’s awareness and connect with their target audience on a personal level.

They will explore the unique elements of stories that are capable of holding almost anyone’s attention. They will get access to the same techniques that have helped David Perdew’s students and thousands of companies grow their businesses and acquire new customers.

Users will have a better understanding of how to conduct their marketing in a more ethical, story-based style. They will discover a unique way to share their impact with the world and create success.

Storytelling is the most effective form of persuasive communication and now marketers have the chance to learn from the best how to improve their storytelling skills.

The Free Storytelling Templates have proven to generate desirable results for individuals and business owners alike. Students of David Perdew have used the storytelling templates to hold their clients’ and prospects’ attention and have their readers eager and willing to follow their every command.

The complementary online training by David Perdew features persuasive and engaging business storytelling techniques. It teaches students how to avoid any pushy, manipulative tactics that so many other gurus recommend as necessary.

The storytelling templates are perfect for all online entrepreneurs, digital marketers, or small and medium-size business owners who want to make an impact online in a way that presents their brand honorably; who want to stop losing opportunities and win more deals.

Interested parties can get access to the free storytelling templates for businesses by visiting