Amy Scruggs Media Coach/Professional Visual Presentation Skills Course Launched

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Amy Scruggs, the author behind the bestselling book ‘Lights, Camera, Action’, is now offering more acclaimed expertise with the launch of her new private media coaching courses.

Through these courses, she will teach participants how to become professional, polished and powerful communicators in today’s digital media landscape.

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The new training program launch coincides with the continued growth of the digital world in 2021, with the digital marketing industry now worth $19.8billion in the US.

As more and more everyday Americans become reliant on this form of media to communicate and earn a living, Scruggs understands the true power of presentation.

Using the core principles expounded upon in ‘Lights, Camera, Action’, which was recently named a bestseller by the US’ preeminent bookseller Barnes & Noble, she helps those who are already working in the realm of digital and social media and those who are seeking to enter the industry.

Her new private courses are available for individuals or teams and focus principally on on-camera delivery.

Participants will learn about how to light, stage, film and record their own videos, as well as how to dress, style and make themselves up for the camera.

Additionally, Scruggs’ workshops instruct participants on how to speak, how to move and how to present oneself in a way that projects one’s brand, image and/or professional message.

The coaching seminars also focus on concept development and delivery, and train participants to deliver a captivating yet concise message every time they are on screen.

By focusing on a combination of technical, practical and personal techniques, the courses ensure a level of competence across all dimensions of presentation.

While being in front of a camera can feel depersonalizing or can evoke feelings of stress and anxiety, Amy’s ‘Lights, Camera, Action’-inspired teachings help participants to feel confident and at ease, and really shine in the spotlight.

Amy Scruggs is a bestselling author, media executive, TV host and corporate spokesperson. She has been living and working in the spotlight for over 20 years and is now using her vast experience to teach other executives and entrepreneurs how to project their best image to the digital world.

A spokesperson for Scruggs said, “Don’t let insecurities and fears keep you from growing your confidence and your business through the power of digital or social media. Mastering how to shine when you are on a virtual call, filming a video or being interviewed can propel your business and career to new heights.”

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