Indoor Car Storage Protection Shell – Air-Circulation/Zero-Touch System Launched

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Palm Beach, Florida-based Airchamber USA has launched an updated range of indoor car protection systems that provide a controlled environment during vehicle storage.

Based on Zero-Touch Protection (TM) technology, the recently enhanced solution offers maximum protection to prevent damage from rodents, moisture, and falling items when a car is being stored for extended periods of time.

The latest system combines a rigid frame, PVC shell, and powerful air flow motors to provide car owners and enthusiasts with durable and reliable car storage.

Statistics reported by ValuePenguin indicate that 91.3% of American households have access to at least one vehicle. While many cars are used for daily transport, Statista indicates that 5% of all vehicles owned are in the luxury segment of the market.

Traditionally, car enthusiasts and owners of expensive vehicles use a garage or third-party facility to keep their investment safe. While indoor storage provides some protection against the elements, it is not so effective against other causes of damage. Airchamber USA designed its updated system to solve many of these issues.

Car covers can be effective against dust and, in some cases, UV light. However, they offer little protection against falling objects and/or moisture in the air. In addition, car covers can cause micro scratches on the surface of a vehicle which, ultimately can create more issues and decrease the value of the car. The Zero-Touch Protection (TM) system utilizes a rigid frame that forms a rectangular shell around a vehicle, which will never come in contact with the car, even when the power is out or the door is open.

As the durable PVC outer layer is separated from the body of the car within, falling items or clumsy people are much less likely to impact with the vehicle itself. Both the shell and heavy-duty flooring are UV and oil-resistant. High-grade zippers and Velcro (R) are used to seal a vehicle inside the Airchamber, virtually eliminating entry by pests and/or contaminants.

Rust is a common concern for car enthusiasts, and can often be caused by moisture and condensation when a vehicle is stored. The updated Airchamber employs high-efficiency fans capable of circulating up to 5,000 cubic feet of fresh air each hour. The company states that the system eliminates condensation, preventing the formation of rust and mold.

Owing to the high-quality materials used, Airchamber USA now offers a 12-month warranty across its entire range. The latest update confirms the company’s goal of being the leading supplier of car storage systems in the country.

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