How Should You Choose Authentic Water Purification Technology?

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( — October 6, 2021) —

A water purifier is the most amazing technology for purifying drinking water. Water pollution and water-borne disease are the most significant problem of the 21st century. Gravity-based water purifiers and UF water purifiers are two types of water purification technology with huge benefits for providing pure drinking water.

As per a recent report, it is disclosed that millions of people lose their lives every year due to polluted drinking water. Thus, selecting the best quality water filter is essential to protect your family from dangerous water-borne diseases.

What Is A Gravity Water Filter?

Technological development has made lots of modern machinery equipment essential for human health. Gravity based water purifier is a unique water purifier that helps you purify polluted water with the help of the natural force of gravity.

Gravity water filter has two chambers, one is the upper chamber, and another is the lower chamber. You have to pour the contaminated water into the upper chamber. The lower chamber will purify the contaminated water and provide filtered drinking water. Gravity water purifier is well-known for its convenience, and it doesn’t need any electricity or installation. Thus, a gravity water filter has the same working pattern same as a UF water purifier.

Working Pattern of Gravity Water Filter

The upper section of the gravity water filter contains essential elements for purifying the contaminated water. These elements can purify the microscopic pores of the contaminants and pollutants that pass through them. The purifying water is stored in a tank under the filtration system.

Different manufacturers use various purifying elements to purify muddy or contaminated water. In the gravity water filter, there is a mediator between the chambers. This mediator acts as a connecting device between the chambers. This mediator helps the contaminated water pass through it. It leaves the harmful contaminants behind and transfers them to the lower chamber.

Benefits Of Gravity Water Filter

The huge benefits of using a gravity-based water purifier are as follows-

  1. A gravity water filter is cost-effective and convenient. The design and function of this water purifier are simple and user-friendly
  2. This unique water purifier has various sizes that depend upon the users’ requirements
  3. You can place this water filter at any place, whether on the tabletop or countertop
  4. It doesn’t require heavy maintenance. You can replace the filter once or twice each year or as per the suggestion of the manufacturers
  5. Gravity water filter has various prices as per its function. You can choose your preferred gravity water filter as per your budget.

Types of Gravity Water Filter

Gravity based water purifiers can be different shapes and sizes as per the various purposes-

#1. A ceramic gravity water filter is perfect for those people who have allergies and are sensitive to chemicals. Excessive chemicals in drinking water are not beneficial for health. Thus ceramic filter is an excellent option.

#2. Stainless steel water filter- stainless steel UF water purifier has huge demand in the market. The size of the stainless steel filter is bigger than a ceramic filter. Stainless steel filter doesn’t break easily like the ceramic filter. Thus, it is user-friendly and lighter in weight.

#3. Gravity bag water filter is a perfect water filter for traveling purposes. It is a lightweight and budget-friendly gravity water filter. You can carry this water filter with you whenever you travel.

Reasons For Using UF Water Filter

UF water purifier is one of the best water purification technologies that uses gravity, activated carbon filters, and sediment filters for the best water purification experience. The UF water filter has two compartments like a gravity water filter: the upper and lower. You just have to fill water in the upper cabinet and get the purified water collected in the lower cabinet.

Various water filters are used between the upper and lower segments as per the water quality test. The sediment filters remove the dust particles and other visible impurities from contaminant water and provide clean drinking water. The minerals of the water stay inside the water after the purification.

The activated carbon filters have coconut shells, coal, and wood chunks to trap the suspended impurities. The activated carbon filter adds positively charged ions to absorb the suspended contaminants. Thus this water purification technology has the same benefits as the gravity water filter. The activated carbon filter is used to remove the bad odor and smell from the raw water.

Drawbacks of Gravity Water Filter

Though gravity-based water purifier has lots of usefulness, it has few disadvantages, such as follows-

  1. The parts of the gravity water filter are expensive. The price of the parts depends on the quality of the water filter. The replacement cost for the gravity water filter parts ranges from $25 to $100.
  2. It is essential to make a budget before buying a gravity water purifier. The size and capacity of the gravity water purifier depend on the volume of water you consume every day. The size of the water filter depends on the water consumption quantity. Otherwise, it can cause wastage of money.
  3. The cleaning process of the gravity water filter is different for a different model. An expensive gravity water filter has a smart cleaning process