Park City UT Mold Inspection – Basement Water Damage Restoration Services Launch

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Bio Clean of Utah (801-335-3227), a damage restoration company, has announced the availability of mold inspection services for residential and commercial clients in Park City and the surrounding areas.

The Centerville, Utah-based company’s services include visiting homes and offices on short notice to spot early signs of mold infestation and assess the extent to which harmful fungus has damaged the property.

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The new announcement provides customers in Park City with convenient and affordable mold removal services, essential for safeguarding the well-being of properties and their inhabitants.

Mold tends to build up owing to high moisture levels and properties with basements are particularly vulnerable. As it is often not visible to the naked eye, mold can be difficult to detect and it is therefore advisable to hire professionals to inspect apartments and offices for mold at regular intervals and take steps to remedy the problem.

Bio Clean of Utah is well-equipped to undertake mold inspection jobs at all kinds of properties. Its team of vastly experienced technicians scans every inch of the property and takes air samples of at-risk areas such as bathrooms. They also identify potential mold triggers such as leaky roofs.

After completing a thorough inspection of the property, the company’s technicians recommend remediation measures such as removing the mold and setting up containment zones to prevent it from spreading.

Bio Clean of Utah has been consistently providing excellent customer service across the region. They recently completed a successful remediation project after high levels of mold were discovered in a utility room following damage caused by a leaking water softening system.

The company is reaffirming its commitment to protecting customers from the harmful effects of mold through early detection of the problem.

A satisfied customer said: “We called Bio Clean to inspect our home for water damage and tell us if they saw or suspected mold. They did a really great job, used professional moisture detection techniques and showed us some things to keep an eye on. The company went above and beyond and really helped us get some peace of mind for our house purchase.”

A detailed description of the mold removal process and a comprehensive list of additional services offered by the company is available at